Order Epilepsy Discussion Questions

Order Epilepsy Discussion Questions
Order Epilepsy Discussion Questions
1. What is epilepsy?
2. What is a seizure?
3. What do I do about a fi rst seizure?
4. I’ve only had one seizure. Do I have epilepsy?
5. At what age does epilepsy occur?
6. Is it contagious?
7. Why me? Why do I have epilepsy?
8. How do I know if it is an epileptic seizure?
9. My doctor said I have a seizure disorder. Is that the same thing
as epilepsy?
10. My father had complications from cardiac bypass surgery and
had his fi rst seizure in the hospital. Does he have epilepsy?
11. What is the best diagnostic test for epilepsy?
12. How will epilepsy affect my life?
13. What can I do to control my seizures?
14. What is intractable epilepsy?
15. Can I die during a seizure?
16. What is status epilepticus?
Order Epilepsy Discussion Questions
17. What is an EEG?
18. What is the purpose of an EEG?
19. Why do I have to stay up all night before my EEG?
20. Why do they fl ash a bright light in my eyes during an EEG?
21. Why do I have to hyperventilate during the EEG?
22. I already had one EEG. Why do I have to get another?
23. Is there any danger when I’m hooked up to the EEG machine?
24. If I’ve had an EEG, why do I have to have an MRI?
25. What is the difference between an MRI and a CAT scan?
26. I’ve been seizure-free for four years and want to stop my
medication. Why does my doctor want to do another EEG?
3. At the Doctor’s Offi ce 17
27. What should I expect when I go to the neurologist for the
fi rst time?
28. What will the doctor do?
29. How long will the visit take?
30. Is there anything I should bring?
31. What if my doctor asks me questions I can’t (or don’t want to)
32. Can I bring anyone with me?
33. How can I remember all my questions?
34. How can I remember all the answers?
35. Why doesn’t my doctor spend more time with me?
36. Why is my doctor always late?
37. What do I need to bring to a follow-up visit?
38. How can I get the most out of an offi ce visit?
39. Why do I have to bring my medication with me if the doctor has
all the information in the chart?
40. I keep running out of medication and have to call the offi ce for a
refi ll. I seem to spend a lot of time “on hold.” What can I do?
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