Order Essential Nutrients Assignment Help

Order Essential Nutrients Assignment Help
Order Essential Nutrients Assignment Help
1. A nurse is caring for a debilitated patient who is on
bedrest and has been eating 50 percent of meals.
What should the nurse plan to do to stimulate this
patient’s appetite? Select all that apply.
1,________ Serve small, frequent meals.
2 Provide oral care before meals.
3, ___________ Schedule procedures for after meals.
4 Provide adequate pain medication
before meals.
5, ___________ Transfer the patient to a comfortable
chair for meals.
A nurse is caring for a patient with gastroesophageal
reflux disease. What nursing intervention is
1. Instruct the patient to chew food thoroughly.
2. Serve food that has different textures and aromas.
3. Offer fluids with food and at a preferred
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4, Encourage the patient to avoid eating several
hours before bedtime.
An older frail patient is admitted to the hospital
because of malnutrition and an inability to maintain
weight. The nurse reviews the results of biochemical
laboratory tests. What laboratory results indicate a
problem with nutrition? Select all that apply.
Pe __ = Hematocrit 42%
2, __________ Hemoglobin 14 g/dL
3,___________ Transferrin 190 mg/dL
4, sd Serum albumin 2.9 g/dL
5, __________ Blood urea nitrogen 18 mg/dL
A patient is diagnosed with gluten intolerance. What
food should the nurse encourage the patient to avoid
when eating at restaurants?
1. White rice
2. Steamed eggplant
3. Veal cutlet parmesan
4. Fruit thickened with tapioca
. A nurseis providing dietary teaching to a person
with a low fixed income. What should the nurse
encourage the person to do when making meals on
a limited budget? Select all that apply.
1,________ Substitute eggs and beans for meat.
2. Purchase luncheon meats for
oa «-Buy fresh milk instead of
powdered milk.
4, -—«

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