Order Ethical Dilemma Assignment

Order Ethical Dilemma Assignment
In a 1-2 page double-spaced paper, (APA format) you are to critique the following scenario by answering the five questions that follow.
Your paper is worth 50 points. (10 points for each item answered concisely/thoroughly)
Ethical Dilemma: Can I Keep This Child
Amanda has been caring for four-year-old Jamie for the past six months. While Jamie is a great addition to her classroom, but when things don’t go his way he gets really angry. He throws things and can be destructive. It’s getting to the point that Amanda feels she is ignoring the other children while trying to handle Jamie. Amanda has been trying to be consistent in her discipline of Jamie, but she’s starting to wonder if she should ask his parents to find another place for him. What should Amanda do?

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