Order Ethics and Communication Discussion

Order Ethics and Communication Discussion
Order Ethics and Communication Discussion
Question 1
Regarding medical ethics, if a man is discovered to be hepatitis B or C
positive, is it advisable for the physician to inform the wife or sexual
contact of the patient?
Question 2
Is it unlawful in most countries to limit medical care, particularly
by rationing the usage of drugs? Surely rationing must be against
the oath we took as doctors to provide the best care available.
Question 3
What is meant by QALYs? Is there a difference between quality and
quantity of life?
Question 4
Are ‘Do not resuscitate’ orders illegal in most countries?
Question 5
What is a living will?
Question 6
I’ve heard of the Bolam principle but when I mentioned it to my lecturer
I was told it was out of date. Could you explain please?
Question 7
Why is counselling required before an HIV test can be done on a patient?
We don’t counsel patients when we look for a tumour marker to
diagnose cancer, which is often more serious for a patient. 1
Ethics and communication 1
1 Ethics and communication
Question 8
As a junior doctor, I have to attend many multidisciplinary team
meetings. I am concerned about the confidentiality of these meetings as
they are attended by a diverse group of healthcare workers.
Question 9
Is the role of the advocate in a medical interview to help the patient or
the doctor?
Question 10
We are always asked by our seniors to make sure that the patient has
signed the consent form. Isn’t verbal consent enough? Also, for what
procedures do I have to get consent, e.g. urinary catheterization in a
patient with retention?
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