Order Europe Enters the Modern Era

Order Europe Enters the Modern Era
Order Europe Enters the Modern Era
The Italian Renaissance
1. The Black Death spread from
(A) the Middle East to Europe
(B) the Americas to Europe
(C) Spain to South America
(D) China to the Middle East
(E) Europe to Africa
2. How did the Black Death help to bring about the Renaissance?
(A) by causing massive westward migration
(B) by stimulating trade between Asia and Europe
(C) by weakening people’s faith in medical science
(D) by demonstrating that the Church was not all-powerful
(E) by giving rise to a cultural exchange between East and West
3. What was the original purpose of the Council of Florence (1438)?
(A) to discuss restoration and reconstruction of the Vatican
(B) to translate the Bible into Western European languages
(C) to reunite the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches
(D) to bring together scholars from many nations
(E) to devise a plan to reform corrupt practices in the Church
4. Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince (1513) was considered revolutionary
because it suggested that above all else, a great ruler must be
(A) pragmatic and realistic
(B) ethical and moral
(C) skilled in the use of arms
(D) just and wise
(E) intellectual and studious
2 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 European History Questions
5. Michelangelo Buonarroti made lasting contributions in all the following
fields of endeavor EXCEPT
(A) architecture
(B) painting
(C) philosophy
(D) poetry
(E) sculpture
Order Europe Enters the Modern Era
6. Gutenberg’s perfection of the process of printing with movable type can
be described as the most important invention of the millennium because
(A) it marked the end of the Church’s domination of Western Europe
(B) it led directly to the 16th-century Reformation
(C) it enabled scholars to translate the Bible into modern European
(D) it showed that Europeans could adapt and improve Asian
(E) it made literacy, and thus independent thought, possible for millions
7. What were the primary factors that caused scholars of the Renaissance
to focus their studies more on Roman than Greek texts?
(A) style and substance
(B) the relative age of the manuscripts
(C) language and location
(D) religion and philosophy
(E) political considerations
8. Which is NOT one reason why the European Renaissance began in Italy?
(A) Italy was economically wealthy at the time.
(B) The Italian city-states were politically stable.
(C) Modern Italy was at the center of the ancient Roman Empire.
(D) Italy was home to the greatest universities of Western Europe.
(E) Many scholars gathered in Italy for the periodic Church councils.
9. Which of the following did NOT contribute to the loss of the Church’s
power and influence during the Renaissance?
(A) the Church’s inability to combat the Black Death
(B) the rise in power of secular political figures such as Cesare Borgia
(C) the revival of classical arts and ideas
(D) the availability of printed books and the rise in individual literacy
(E) the constant political warfare among the major European states
Europe Enters the Modern Era ❮ 3
10. Which of the following was NOT one of the seven liberal arts studied
by humanist scholars?
(A) astronomy
(B) geometry
(C) logic
(D) rhetoric
(E) theology
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