Order Exploration and Colonization Discussion

Order Exploration and Colonization Discussion
Order Exploration and Colonization Discussion
1. As a result of the Seven Years’ War, control of Canada passed from
(A) Britain to France
(B) Spain to Britain
(C) Britain to Spain
(D) France to Britain
(E) Spain to France
2. Which was the first European nation to sponsor a transatlantic voyage
of exploration?
(A) England
(B) France
(C) Italy
(D) Portugal
(E) Spain
3. Which was NOT one major European motivation for exploration
of the seas and lands beyond Europe?
(A) the search for new trading partners and better trade routes
(B) the desire to become stronger by acquiring colonies
(C) the lack of opportunity at home
(D) the zest for religious conversion of so-called heathen populations
(E) the universal human instinct of curiosity about the unknown
38 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 European History Questions
Order Exploration and Colonization Discussion
4. The relatively swift conquest of the American empires and tribes
was mainly due to the European explorers’
(A) sophisticated weapons
(B) superior intelligence
(C) numerical strength
(D) religious faith
(E) literacy
5. What was Portugal’s main goal in sailing around Africa to reach India
in 1498?
(A) to colonize India
(B) to initiate a religious war with the Arabs in the region
(C) to establish trading posts
(D) to convert the Indians to Catholicism
(E) to find a water route to the west by sailing east
6. The French and Indian War began over rival French and British claims to
(A) Indian territory in the southeast
(B) the city of New Orleans
(C) Canadian territory
(D) colonies along the Atlantic coast of North America
(E) land in the Ohio River valley
7. The voyage of Ferdinand Magellan is historically significant because
his crew members became the first Europeans to
(A) sail all the way around the globe
(B) see the Pacific Ocean from the Americas
(C) establish a viable European colony in the Americas
(D) explore the interior of North America
(E) establish contact with the native populations of South America
Order Exploration and Colonization Discussion
8. The Dutch profited more than the Portuguese from trade with the Pacific
islands for all these reasons EXCEPT
(A) the Dutch fleet proved militarily superior to the Portuguese
(B) the Dutch merchant fleet was larger than the Portuguese
(C) the Dutch paid cash for Asian crops and goods rather than bartering
with them
(D) the Dutch did not try to convert the Asians to Christianity
(E) Dutch ships were larger and could thus carry more goods per trip
Absolute Monarchy in Early Modern Europe ❮ 39
9. Which best explains why the transatlantic trade in African slaves arose
during the era of European colonization?
(A) Very few Europeans wanted to travel to the Americas.
(B) A substantial drop in the native American population forced
the Europeans to look elsewhere for cheap labor.
(C) Native American peoples refused to work for the Europeans.
(D) Americans were not physically fit for the large-scale farming
and mining necessary to make colonization profitable.
(E) Europeans did not regard the native American peoples as suitable
targets for exploitation or enforced labor.
10. Francisco Pizarro of Spain led the conquest of which major American
(A) Aztec
(B) Maya
(C) Inca
(D) Olmec
(E) Toltec
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