Order Financial Statement Analysis Essay

Order Financial Statement Analysis Essay
Order Financial Statement Analysis Essay
1. GDP (gross domestic product) can be described as
(A) total value of goods produced by the manufacturing sector
(B) total value of all financial transactions in the financial sector of the
United States
(C) total value of all service transactions in the United States
(D) total value of all goods and services produced in the United States
452. A stock is trading at $26 per share and has met price resistance at $30.
A technical analyst thinks that the stock is going to break out of this range.
From a technical analysis point of view, which of the following orders
would be most appropriate to place?
(A) A limit order to buy at 30
(B) A stop order to buy at 27
(C) A stop order to buy at 30.20
(D) A market order
453. When a technical analyst says that a stock is consolidating, what is the
analyst saying about the stock?
(A) Going up in price
(B) Going down in price
(C) Forming a base price
(D) None of the above
454. Which of the following indicators would technical analysts follow?
I. P/E ratio
II. Bar charts
III. Insider trading
IV. Odd-lot theory
(A) I, II, and IV
(B) II, Ill, and IV
(G) IS, and: LE
(Dy Et, U1, and TV
455. Which of the following are leading indicators of economic activity?
I. New building permits
II. Changes in business and consumer debt
III. Sales of home appliances
IV. Average hours worked per week in manufacturing
(A) I, II, and IV
(B) Ti llisand TV
(C) Land II
(D) II and III
Financial Statement Analysis < 115
456. Which of the following indices is the broadest measure of the market?
(A) Dow Jones Industrial Average
(B) Standard

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