Order Food And Food Products Discussion

Order Food And Food Products Discussion
Order Food And Food Products Discussion
1. Which of the following would be suitable for high tea service?
a scrambled egg on toast, bread and butter,
b toasted tea-cakes, scones, sandwiches
c fingers of hot buttered toast, preserves,
sandwiches, cakes
d sandwiches, scones, bread and butter,
A quarten of bread is correctly described as
a adouble-sized unsliced loaf
b a loaf weighing 1 kg
ce asmallloat
d four normal-sized loaves
Brawn is made from
cow heel
pig’s head
Fs QOpigs’ trotters
2. Which of the following dishes would be found
under the heading ‘Egg Dishes’ on the menu?
a oeufs a la neige
b omelette au confiture
c creme brulée
d oeufs brouillés
Order Food And Food Products Discussion
Gnocchi parisienne, spaghetti bolognaise and
riz pilaff would all be found on the menu
under the heading
a appetisers
b entremets
c farineux
d entrées
Gnocchi parisienne is made from
a choux paste
b semolina
c potatoes and cheese
d half potato and half choux paste
A broiled lobster is one which has been
cooked by
a boiling
b steaming
c grilling
d stewing
A kipper would be correctly described to
a customer as a
a brine cured mackerel
b brine cured herring
c smoked mackerel
d smoked herring
Whitebait are usually cooked by
a poaching
b grilling
c deep frying
d shallow frying
The menu term darne refers to a slice of
a flat fish cut on the bone
b flat fish filleted
c round fish cut on the bone
d round fish filleted
Order Food And Food Products Discussion
Tartare sauce comprises mayonnaise and
a chopped peppers and capers
b chopped chives and olives
c chopped capers and gherkins
d chopped chervil and pickled cucumber
Which of the following gives the correct
order for the terms describing degrees of
cooking, starting with the least well cooked?
a saignant, bleu, a point, bien cuit
b bleu, saignant, a point, bien cuit
c saignant, bleu, bien cuit, a point
d a point, bleu, saignant, bien cuit
A point steak is a beef steak cut from the
a sirloin
b rump
c fillet
d contrefilet
A tournedos steak may be correctly described
to the customer as a cut from the
a fillet of beef
b sirloin and fillet of beef
c rump
d chuck
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