Order Gastrointestinal symptoms Metabolic

Order Gastrointestinal symptoms Metabolic
As noted in your text, chronic stress (long-term reactions to stressors) and daily hassles can be damaging to your physical and psychological health. No one can avoid stress. However, there are a number of factors that can either contribute to becoming overwhelmed by stress or to flourishing in spite of it. For example, having a sense of control, social support, relaxation, and a sense of meaning can all contribute to effectively combating the effects of stress.
In this exercise, you will complete a number of scales to help you determine your stress level, how you respond to and cope with stress, and resources you have to combat stress. You will use the results of these scales to develop your personal stress profile. To make the exercise more fun, you might want to have you partner, spouse, or friend complete the scales too. That way you can compare your stress profiles.
A. Complete and score the following scales. DO NOT READ HOW TO SCORE A SCALE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED IT.
1. Stressed Out
2. Susceptibility to Stress (SUS)
3. Response to Stress Scale
4. Are you a Type A or Type B?
5. Coping with Stress
6. Multidimensional Health Locus of Control
7. Locus of Control
8. Life Orientation Test
B. Identify at Least 3 of Your Personal Stressors and 3 Daily Hassles.
Order Gastrointestinal symptoms Metabolic
C. TURN IN THIS PART ONLY (which incorporates everything from above): Using the above information, write a self-reflection that includes:
1. Your scores on each of the above scales and a statement about what that score means for you (not just what the test says your score means).
2. A summary of your 3 personal stressors and 3 daily hassles (giving examples from your life).
3. A summary of what you might do to reduce your stress.
4. Relate your self-reflection to the information provided in your text.

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