Order Geomorphology Discussion Questions

Order Geomorphology Discussion Questions
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Order Geomorphology Discussion Questions
1. According to FB Taylor, the main driving
force behind the drift of continents was
(a) Gravitational Pull
(b) Tidal force
(c) Electromagnetic force
(d) Geomagnetism
2. FB Taylor postulated two landmasses in
his Theory of Continental Drift. These
two landmasses were
(a) Lauratia and Angara
(b) Angara and Gondwana
(c) Lauratia and Gondwana
(d) Pangaea and Panthalassa
3. Which of the following is true about the
Continental Drift Theory of Wegener?
(a) Mountains were formed due to
fracturing of continental blocks.
(b) Wegener successfully described the
situation in pre-carboniferous period.
(c) Jigsaw fit of continents is an evidence
of wegener’s postulation.
(d) Wegener described the correct
sequence of displacement of
4. The ‘Theory of Plate Tectonics’ does not
explain the origin and location of
I. Earthquake
II. Mountains
III. Ocean currents
IV. Sea floor features
(a) Only III (b) Only I
(c) I, II, III (d) All of these
5. Which of the following is/are evidence of
Continental Drift Theory?
I. Presence of similar fossils.
II. Presence of different aged rocks.
III. Presence of glacial tillites.
(a) Only I (b) II and III
(c) I, II and III (d) I and III
6. Match the following.
Theories Propounders
A. Continental Drift
1. Harry Hess
B. Sea Floor
Spreading Theory
2. Reid
C. Convection
Current Theory
3. Wegener
D. Elastic Rebound
4. Holmes
(a) 3 1 4 2 (b) 1 2 4 3
(c) 4 1 3 2 (d) 1 3 4 2
7. Which one of the following is a major
plate? [NDA 2019]
(a) Pacific Plate (b) Cocos Plate
(c) Arabian Plate (d) Philippine Plate
8. Cocos Plate lies between [BPSC 2018]
(a) Central America and Pacific Plate
(b) South America and Pacific Plate
(c) Red Sea and Persian Gulf
(d) Asiatic Plate and Pacific Plate
9. Which of the following plate is
divergent to Nazia plate?
(a) Atlantic Plate
(b) Pacific Plate
(c) Eurasian Plate
(d) Antarctica Plate
10. The Lithospheric plates float above
which of the following?
(a) Core (b) Asthenosphere
(c) Crust (d) Cryosphere
11. ‘Plates’ move over thermal convective
currents, which are made up of
(a) gravitational energy
(b) radioactive energy
(c) thermal energy
(d) magnetic energy
12. Which of the following statement/s
is/are true?
I. Plates are made up of continental as
well as oceanic crust.
II. Individual plates are not permanent.
III. Plates are in constant motion and
continuously changing its shape and
(a) I, II and III
(b) I and II
(c) Both I and III
(d) All of the above
13. Arrange the following tectonic plates
from larger to smaller in terms of area.
I. Pacific Plate
II. Scotia Plate
III. North America Plate
IV. Somalia Plate
(a) I, III, IV, II (b) I, III, II, IV
(c) I, II, III, IV (d) IV, III, II, I
14. The concept of geosyncline is related
(a) rainfall
(b) volcanic eruption
(c) continent formation
(d) mountain building
15. ……… mountains are formed due to
folding of crustal rocks by compressive
forces generated by endogenetic
forces coming from within the Earth.
(a) Block (b) Fold
(c) Dome (d) Coastal
16. Highest peaks of the world are mostly
found in which type of Mountains?
[BPSC (Pre) 2001]
(a) Old Folded Mountains
(b) Young Folded Mountains
(c) Residual Mountains
(d) Block Mountains
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