Order Health and Safety Discussion

Order Health and Safety Discussion
Order Health and Safety Discussion
(1) The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974:
(a) Puts all the responsibility for safety on the employer
(b) States that the government takes full responsibility for safety
at work
(c) Puts all the responsibility for personal safety on the employee
(d) The employer and employee have some responsibility for safety.
(2) The maximum load that should be operated from a 13 A socket outlet
(a) 1 kW
(b) 3 kW
(c) 5 kW
(d) 13 kW.
(3) Care should be taken when working on live television sets as there are
voltages present up to approximately:
(a) 20 000 V
(b) 5000 V
(c) 1000 V
(d) 250 V.
Order Health and Safety Discussion
(4) Which of the following functions is performed by the earth connection
in a domestic supply:
(a) Current limiting
(b) Safety
(c) Radio interference suppression
(d) Voltage control.
(5) The colour code for a 13 A cartridge fuse is:
(a) Blue
(b) Green
(c) Brown
(d) White.
(6) A record player operating from a 13 A socket outlet should have a plug
fitted with a fuse rated at:
(a) 3 A
(b) 7 A
(c) 10 A
(d) 13 A.
Order Health and Safety Discussion
(7) Which of the following is least suitable for checking whether a television
chassis is live or not:
(a) Continuity tester
(b) 240 V test lamp
(c) Neon tester
(d) Voltmeter.
(8) If the live and neutral connections to a t.v. set are inadvertently reversed,
it may be dangerous because:
(a) The set will catch fire
(b) The aerial will become live
(c) The tube will implode
(d) The chassis will become live.
(9) After working on a colour t.v. set it is important to replace all screening
cans to minimise the risk of:
(a) X-ray radiation
(b) Electric shock
(c) Tube failure
(d) Overloading picture circuits.
(10) The correct colour code for a three-pin mains plug is:
Live Neutral Earth
(a) Blue Brown Green/Yellow
(b) Brown Blue Green
(c) Blue Green Brown
(d) Brown Blue Green/Yellow
(11) When acid is to be diluted with water:
(a) The acid should be poured into the water
(b) The method of mixing is unimportant
(c) The water should be poured into the acid
(d) The water and acid should be poured at the same time into a
separate container.
(12)Which of the following should not be used to remove particles of swarf
from a machine:
(a) Compressed air line
(b) Hand-brush
(c) Vacuum cleaner
(d) Broom.
(13) In which of the following situations is it not necessary to wear safety
(a) Desoldering components
(b) Chiselling
(c) Grinding
(d) Soldering components.
(14)When lifting heavy weights, rope and pulley blocks are generally suitable
for loads up to:
(a) 750 kg
(b) 100 kg
(c) 250 kg
(d) 500 kg.
(15) In Fig. 1 the slope (a over b) of the ladder should be no greater than:
(a) 2:1
(b) 3:1
(c) 4:1
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