Order Health Assessment Discussion Assignment

Order Health Assessment Discussion Assignment
Order Health Assessment Discussion Assignment
1. When assessing a patient’s eyes, which instrument
would the nurse use to visualize the retina?
a. Otoscope
b. Ophthalmoscop
c. Stethoscope
d. Tuning fork
2. Which of the following would be most important for a
nurse to do to ensure the accuracy of inspection during
a. Compare bilateral body parts
b. Have 20/20 vision
c. Focus on selected body systems
d. Use touch judiciously
3. When palpating body structures, the nurse uses which
a. Intuition
b. Vision
c. Hearing
d. Touch
4. Percussion over the stomach reveals a loud, drum-like
sound. The nurse would document this finding as
which of the following?
a. Dullness
b. Flatness
c. Tympany
d. Resonance
6. Which technique would a nurse use to assess skin
a. Indent area with fingertips
b. Use a special type of lighting
c. Touch the area to detect moisture
d. Lightly pinch a fold of skin
Order Health Assessment Discussion Assignment
7. A patient’s visual acuity is assessed as 20/40 in both
eyes using the Snellen chart. The nurse interprets this
finding as which of the following?
a. The patient can see twice as well as normal
b. The patient has double vision
c. The patient has less than normal vision
d. The patient has normal vision
8. When using an otoscope to assess the tympanic membrane of an adult, the nurse straightens the ear canal
by gently pulling the pinna in which direction?
a. Up and back
b. Down and forward
c. Away from the examiner
d. In any direction
9. Percussion of the thorax reveals a dull sound. The
nurse interprets this to indicate which of the following?
a. An air-filled structure
b. A bony structure
c. Emphysematous tissue
d. Fluid or a solid mass
10. The nurse auscultates the thorax and lungs and hears
coarse gurgling sounds on expiration. The nurse would
describe these sounds as:
a. Adventitious breath sounds
b. Bronchovesicular breath sounds
c. Vesicular breath sounds
d. Bronchial sounds
11. When assessing heart sounds, the nurse understands
that the sounds heard reflect which of the following?
a. Blood flow through the heart
b. Blood moving into the heart from the aorta
c. Closure of the heart valves
d. Contraction of the cardiac muscle
Order Health Assessment Discussion Assignment
12. When palpating the breast of a woman during an
assessment, the nurse would divide the breast into
which of the following?
a. Quadrants
b. Halves
c. Entire breast tissue
d. Bilateral comparison
13. After inspecting a patient’s abdomen, which technique
would the nurse do next?
a. Percussion
b. Palpation
c. Auscultation
d. Whichever the patient agrees to
14. When assessing a patient’s mental status, which of the
following would the nurse be least likely to include
when evaluating level of awareness?
a. Orientation to time
b. Ability to state where he is
c. Ability to state name
d. Level of consciousness
15. A nurse is conducting an assessment of a patient’s cranial
nerves. The nurse asks the patient to raise the eyebrows,
smile, and show the teeth to assess which cranial nerve?
a. Olfactory
b. Optic
c. Facial
d. Vagus
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