Order healthy democracy assignment

Order healthy democracy assignment
1. What were the main points of Ekinci’s presentation? What social issues influence her art? What are both the possibilities and limitations for her art to inspire social change? What stood out to you from her presentation? How did the presentation influence your global, cultural, social, political, and/or economic views?
2. How is Hale Ekinci a role model for engaged citizenship as described in the central themes of engaged citizenship in the UNI 300 course objectives/learning outcomes? What does she want to communicate and/or inspire through her art? How has she used her talents and interest in art as a tool for social activism? In what ways could you use your talents and interests to promote change for a common good?
3. Reflect on Ekinci’s use of decorative fringes that are influenced by Middle Eastern tradition of oya (lace edging on a headdress) as a “secret language between women to express personal sentiments that must otherwise remain private.” In what ways did the adornment empower communication? How did women find a voice through traditional Turkish craft? How did the lecture broaden your awareness of and respect for the diversity of Turkish culture?
The limits of privacy rights
https://uis.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/ECCE Speaker Series – 2022 UIS Constitution Day “The Limits of Privacy RightsA Abortion Before and After Dobbs” (09 22 22)/1_84zttyh8/22578711
1. What did you learn from hearing the history of abortion rights and how does that awareness influence your life and/or views?
4. In Dr. Matthiesen’s opinion, what is the purpose and importance of “accurately remembering” the history of abortion rights?
What we choose to remember
https://uis.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/ECCE Speaker SeriesA “What We Choose To Remember” (Oct 21, 2022)/1_v6yvm0sj/22578711
1. What were the main points and concepts of Coleman’s lecture? What are the possibilities for museums and historical sites to engage in social change? What are the obstacles to museums and historical sites to engage the public in social change?
3. In your own words, how are heritage, history, and memory defined based on the lecture? How are these 3 terms interrelated? What is the difference between heritage and forensic history? How can forensic history be used to support social change? Coleman gave an example of George Washington’s false teeth to illustrate the reason for the story and the need for truth to establish a healthy democracy. Provide a similar example of a historical fact that contradicts heritage. Make a case for how sharing this fact in a museum or historical site would benefit social change.

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