Order Home Healthcare Discussion Assignment

Order Home Healthcare Discussion Assignment
Order Home Healthcare Discussion Assignment
1. Which one of the following statements is a requirement
for Medicare home healthcare reimbursement?
a. The patient must be essentially homebound.
b. The patient must require intravenous therapy.
c. The caregiver must be able to provide all physical
d. The caregiver must live with the patient.
2. In general, how does home care nursing compare with
hospital-based nursing?
a. Nursing care provided in the home is no different
from hospital-based nursing care.
b. Home care patients do not have the same basic needs
as those in the hospital.
c. In the home, care must be adapted to the patient’s
schedules and customs.
d. The family or caregiver’s role is less important in
home care nursing.
3. Although the home care nurse follows an established plan
of care, he or she is more independent in what role?
a. Deciding which physician orders can be followed
b. Assuming responsibility for decision making
c. Shifting accountability for care to family caregivers
d. Delegating advanced clinical skills to unlicensed personnel
4. Although all of the following skills are important, what
would be the most important to effective coordination of
care and services?
a. Physical assessment
b. Knowledge of the law
c. How to use equipment
d. Effective communication
Order Home Healthcare Discussion Assignment
6. Before washing her hands, what might a home health
nurse ask or say to the patient?
a. “I need to wash my hands. May I use your bathroom?”
b. “I’m going to wash my hands in your bathroom.”
c. “I will wash my hands after I leave so I don’t bother
d. “How often do you wash your hands?”
7. What one activity is most important in preventing infection when providing home care?
a. Wearing gloves whenever touching the patient
b. Following proper procedures for sterile dressing
c. Asking the caregiver to step out of the room during
d. Performing hand hygiene before and after care
8. How often must a home care nurse document progress
a. Once a week
b. At the initial visit
c. At each visit
d. At the final visit
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