Order Human antiparasitic chemotherapy

Order Human antiparasitic chemotherapy
Order Human antiparasitic chemotherapy
668 Select the one drug the cytocidal action of which is dependent on the phase of the cell cycle: \, A actinomycin D (B) doxorubicin C methotrexate v} mustine 669 A certain degree of selectivity exists within the alkylating group of cytotoxic drugs. Choose the malignant disease for which busulphan is the most appropriate chemotherapy: A chronic lymphocytic leukaemia B_ chronic myeloid leukaemia C multiple myeloma 670 Select the class of antibiotic with the broadest spectrum of antimicrobial action: ye A aminosugars (e.g. streptomycin) .B. macrolides (e.g. erythromycin) \C) penicillins D _ tetracyclines 101 102. Human antiparasitic chemotherapy
671 Sensitive bacteria are killed by the serum concentrations attained during effective clinical use of: A chloramphenicol B gentamicin C _ sulphamethizole D trimethoprim A foolish young man called Robert made a visit to tropical Africa and failed to take-any-form of medication—as_prophylaxis aganst malaria. Twelve days after his return to the UK Robert suffered an attack of malarial fever which recurred 3 days later. Examination of his blood revealed infection by a single species of Plasmodium. During the second febrile attack Robert was treated with drug X. This agent restored his temperature to normal and cleared his blood of parasites within 12 hours. Robert was treated with X for a period of 4 days. Thereafter he remained free of febrile episodes for 2 months but then a relapse occurred. Accordingly it was decided to-effect-a radical cure of his malaria. To this end Robert received a further course of treatment with X followed, a week later, by a fortnight’s treatment with drug Y. The treatment was successful and Robert suffered no further malarial attacks. Use this information for questions
672-676. 672 With which species of Plasmodium was Robert infected? A _ falciparum B- malariae C_ovale (D) vivax 673 Had Robert received no chemotherapy of malaria it is likely that he would have: A __ died within a month B__ experienced febrile attacks at 3-day intervals for a period of more than 10 years C suffered several bouts of fever at 3-day intervals but this would have been followed by periods of remission and relapse
674 Drug X was: ‘A chloroquine B __primaquine C _ proguanil D pyrimethamine E _ sulfadoxine Human antiparasitic chemotherapy 103
675 Drug X exerts a toxic action on malarial parasites by: A B C o, E competing with p-aminobenzoate for the active centre of dihydrofolate synthetase competing with dihydrofolate for the active centre of dihydrofolate hydrogenase interfering with the activity of ferredoxins combining with the polynucleotide strands of DNA and thereby inhibiting DNA polymerase preventing the ribosomal translocation step in protein synthesis
676 Drug Y was: / A chloroquine V \B) primaquine C __ proguanil D pyrimethamine E _ sulfadoxine
677 Select the malignant neoplastic disease with the slowest cell replication rate: A acute lymphoblastic leukaemia , carcinoma of the bronchus Gs choriocarcinoma D__Hodgkin’s disease 678 Currently available medication for prophylaxis of malaria: A ¥ (RB) eats C guarantees freedom from infection with malaria provided the recommended dosage schedule is followed prevents invasion of human liver cells by plasmodial sporozoites should be taken continuously from one week before to one month after the visit to a malaria-endemic area 679 Select the one drug the cytocidal action of which is not dependent on the phase’of the cell cycle: \/ @) B c D cyclophosphamide – cytarabine – 4. p mercaptopurine vinblastine _ 104 Human antiparasitic chemotherapy 680 Clostridium difficile is susceptible to: A clindamycin B ampicillin /€

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