Order Investment Companies Assignment Help

Order Investment Companies Assignment Help
Order Investment Companies Assignment Help
McGraw-Hill’s 500 Series 7 Exam Questions to Know by Test Day
1. The NAV of a mutual fund is affected by
(A) depreciation
(B) amortization
(C) appreciation
(D) annualization
2.With regard to mutual fund investing, which of the following statements
best describe(s) dollar cost averaging?
(A) Purchasing a fixed number of shares periodically
(B) Investing a fixed dollar amount into the same investment periodically
(C) Maintaining a fixed dollar amount invested in mutual funds
(D) All of the above
3. Which type of mutual fund typically invests in both bonds and equities?
(A) Growth funds
(B) Dual purpose funds
(C) Technology funds
(D) Balanced funds
An open-end mutual fund with a maximum sales charge of 7.5 percent
has a bid and offer quote of $10.00 – $10.81. If the sales charge is reduced
to 6 percent for purchases of $40,000 to $54,999, how many shares would
an investor get by investing $50,000?
(A) 4,625.35
(B) 4,699.25
(C) 4,716.98 (D) 5,000
Which of the following are true of closed-end funds but NOT true of open-end funds?
I. Shares trade above, below, or at net asset values.
II. Shares are traded on the stock exchanges.
III. New shares are constantly being issued.
IV. Investors may redeem their shares.
(A) land II
(B) Hl and IV
(Qe intiyandlV
(D) TI andiv
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Order Investment Companies Assignment Help
5. A new investor is seeking your advice with regard to selecting mutual funds to invest in, Which is the most important factor you would advise the investor to consider when choosing funds?
(A) 12(b)1 fees
(B) Management fees
(C) Investment objectives
(D) Sales charges
266. ‘The operating fees of a mutual fund divided by the fund’s average net asset
value is referred to as the
(A) P/E ratio
(B) quick ratio
(C) current ratio
(D) expense ratio
Questions 267-269 are based on the following table:
Fund Change Objectives NAV Offer Price NAV
Vanguard Group

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