Order Legal Medicine Assignment Help

Order Legal Medicine Assignment Help
Order Legal Medicine Assignment Help
1. All of the following will probably constitute a coroner’s caseEXCEPT
A. deaths associated with violence
B. deaths in a chronic hospital C. cremation of a body before pronouncement
I), nonattendance by a physician
E. moving a body out of state
1277. Even though soft tissue is destroyed prior to postmortem, it is usually possible to distinguish males from females h\ A. skeletal structure
B. x-ray of the dentition C. length of the long bones
D. joint degeneration
E. closure of epiphyses
1278. To establish time of death during the first 24 hours, assumearate of cooling in average temperatures of
A. 2°C per minute
B. 10°C per hour
C. 10°C per minute
I). 2°C per hour
E. 10°C per day
380 / Legal Medicine
1279. The principal causes of unexpected death from disease in- clude all of the following EXCEPT
A. cardiac tamponade
B. multiple sclerosis C. valvular heart disease D. epilepsy
E. laryngeal edema
1280. In seeking evidence to document rape, if more than six hourshave elapsed, the most likely specimen for detecting intact spermatozoa is A. vaginal aspirates
B. seminal fluid dried on clothing or skin C. vulvar aspirates D. rectal aspirates
E. oral aspirates
Order Legal Medicine Assignment Help
1281. A physician called upon to treat a victim of the battered child syndrome should
A. respect the physician-patient privilege B. respect the husband-wife privilege C. admonish the parents severely D. refuse to admonish the parents
E. notify the hospital administrator or the police.
1282. Obtaining a written consent form rather than an oral consenthas which of the following advantages?
A. Exclusions may aid a patient’s lawsuit
B. Physician-patient rapport is improved
C. Proof is better that informed consent was obtained D. It is administratively easier to accomplish
E. It is generally the physician’s preference
1283. If called upon to testify in court, it is in your best interests to A. become emotional if necessary
B. guess if you are not sure C. admit to all possibilities D. not volunteer too much information
E. introduce the most recent medical literature.
Legal Medicine / 3811284. If an attending physician has x-rays taken of his patient in hisoffice, the x-ray films are deemed to be the property of A. the physician
B. the office building C. the patient
I), the patient’s next of kin
E. the hosptial to which the physician is appointed
1285. A physician is generally prohibited from signing a death certificate in cases that involve A. infectious disease
B. suicide C. platelet emboli
D. epilepsy
E. venereal disease DIRECTIONS: For each of the questions or incomplete statementsbelow, ONE or MORE of the answers or completions given is correct. Select A if only /, 2 and 3 are correct, B if only / and 3 are correct, C if only 2 and 4 are correct, D if only 4 is correct, E if all are correct.
Order Legal Medicine Assignment Help
1286. In arranging artificial insemination, which of the followingpoints should be covered in the agreement with the parties?1. The wife should consent in writing
2. Written consent of the donor’s wife should be obtained3. The physician should have permission to select the donor4. The donor should consent in writing
1287. Consent for surgery may be invalid in cases in which
1. the act consented to is unlawful
2. it is not an informed consent
3. it was obtained by misinterpretation
4. a parent signs for a child
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