Order level Philosophy Presentation Assignment

Order level Philosophy Presentation Assignment
Create a PowerPoint presentation, the presentation must to be 14 minutes in length when presented to the class, and should be accompanied by at least three questions to facilitate a thought-provoking discussion with the class. Additionally, a work cited page must be included in the PowerPoint presentation, citing all the sources of information that have been incorporated. This is the thesis : “This paper undertakes a comparative analysis of Ara Norenzayan and the Dalai Lama’s perspectives concerning the role of consciousness and empathy in relation to religious attitudes. The two scholars hold different views regarding the evolutionary basis of religious emotions, with the Dalai Lama suggesting that natural selection cannot account for such emotions as compassion, whereas Norenzayan et al. contend that cultural evolution and natural selection can. Norenzayan emphasizes the importance of culture and socialization in shaping religious attitudes and thinking, whereas the Dalai Lama highlights the significance of individual contemplative practices in fostering these processes. Despite both scholars acknowledging the criticality of cultivating cognitive processes for personal and social transformation, this paper posits that the Dalai Lama’s approach offers a more comprehensive and holistic path to nurturing consciousness and empathy through contemplative practices that are grounded in religious traditions, rendering it the more optimal option.”
Order level Philosophy Presentation Assignment
Ensure that you:
– Identify technical or ambitious terms, concepts, and central points as they relate to the thesis.
-Explain the entire argument before you start evaluating it . Ensure that this part of your presentation is as clear as possible and show logical connections between the different points of Norenzayan and the Dalai Lama.
-when you present any claim that your audience may find doubtful. Give them good reason that will convince them to accept it. Anticipate possible objections and present them to make your argument more compelling . Think about the strongest possible objections to the argument. Ensure that you also present counterarguments and reasons which prove that your assignment is true.
– the presentation is clear, well-organized, and engages thoughtful engagement and discussion with the audience.
-create information or additional information that can be printed out and handed out to class. (This is if you choose to create a handout for the class.)
– provide a reasoned defense of your thesis statement. That means that you need to convey a specific point and provide justification or grounds to convince your audience to accept it. – express and defend true conclusions, clarifying the key reasons that support them and separating claims that fail to do it. This is why you need to present arguments and critically evaluate them.- Present counterarguments for both scholars ( Norenzayan and the Dalai Lama)
-explain that any information that you present is supported with citations, paraphrases and quotes from the text ( i.e, various readings that you use to gather the information for the presentation. Ensure that you discuss both Norenzayan and the Dalai Lama’s strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that you critically evaluate their arguments. For the conclusion restate the thesis statement and summarize the basic issues that you have explained the body and your criticism and summarize the results of your arguments. Think of a way an innovative way to wrap up your presentation.
-(if you chose to add visual aids within the PowerPoint i.e, a video etc) ensure that it uses information that you can use to guide the presentation (however, you can add what you like )

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