Order Marketing Plan Discussion Assignment Help

Order Marketing Plan Discussion Assignment Help
Order Marketing Plan Discussion Assignment Help
Q25 What’s in a marketing plan?
A plan takes a company from A to B and gives a company focus, shares actions between staff and ensures that
tactics are agreed in advance, rather than on a whim.
We usually look at a marketing plan in three stages:
• Strategic review: where are we now?
• Marketing objectives and strategy: where are we going?
• Marketing action plan: how do we get there?
The strategic review should include:
Order Marketing Plan Discussion Assignment Help
• Market research information: statistics and details about the overall market.
• In-depth background: opinions from key players, industry associations and noteworthy publications.
• Competitor intelligence.
• Feedback from customers.
• Opportunities, trends or threats outside the business.
The marketing objectives and strategy are created after the strategic review has been considered and should
• Objectives for the future of the business.
• Strategies for products and services, pricing, promotion and routes to market.
The marketing action plan is the stage that everyone enjoys as it’s all about tactics. Because it’s so enjoyable,
some companies wrongly start with this and then try to create tactics to sell products, rather than tactics that
meet the customers’ needs, which should have been identified during the strategic review.
Your marketing action plan should include:
Order Marketing Plan Discussion Assignment Help
• Plan for the year, list of all actions, person responsible and when the action will be carried out.
• More details to explain the actions, so the individual member of staff can take the plan and get started.
• A budget, showing the amount required to carry out the actions.
HINT: The marketing action plan should be shared with all staff who need to implement the action.
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