Order Metal and its Compounds Discussion

Order Metal and its Compounds Discussion
Order Metal and its Compounds Discussion
1. Which is the most reactive metal?
[BPSC (Pre) 2015]
(a) Sodium (b) Calcium
(c) Iron (d) Potassium
2. Heaviest metal of the following is made
of [BPSC (Pre) 1995]
(a) Copper (b) Uranium
(c) Aluminium (d) Silver
3. Which one of the following materials is
very hard and very ductile?
(a) Carborundum [IAS (Pre) 2000]
(b) Tungsten
(c) Cast iron
(d) Nichrome
4. Which of the following is the electron
configuration of a metallic element?
[BPSC (Pre) 2001]
(a) 2, 8 (b) 2, 8, 7
(c) 2, 8, 8 (d) 2, 8, 8, 2
5. Which one of the following is the
hardest metal? [UPPSC (Pre) 1996]
(a) Gold (b) Iron
(c) Platinum (d) Tungsten
Order Metal and its Compounds Discussion
6. The most abundant metal in the earth’s
crust is
(a) Si (b) Fe (c) Al (d) Cu
7. Consider the following elements.
I. Cobalt
II. Phosphorus
III. Zinc
Which of the above elements are
required for maintaining the healthy
human body? [CDS 2005]
(a) I and II (b) II and
(c) I and III (d) I, II and III
8. Match List I with List II.
List I
List II
(Colour on Flame)
A. Barium 1. Yellow
B. Sodium 2. Greenish
C. Silver 3. Turns black
D. Lead 4. Apple green
(a) 1 3 4 2 (b) 4 1 3 2
(c) 3 2 4 1 (d) 2 4 1 3
9. Which one of the following elements is
kept safely in kerosene oil?
[UPPSC (Mains) 2017]
(a) Sodium (b) Copper
(c) Mercury (d) Silver
10. Why do alkali metals impart colour to
the flame?
(a) They are electropositive elements.
(b) They have low ionisation energies.
(c) They belong to IA group.
(d) They form ionic compounds.
11. What is the chemical formula for Sodium
Chloride (Salt)? [SSC CGL 2017]
(a) NaCl2
(b) NaCl
(c) Na Cl 2
(d) Na C2
12. Which one of the following is the
chemical formula of Washing Soda?
(a) NaHCO3
(b) Na CO 10H O 2 3 2 ⋅
(c) Na CO 5H O 2 3 2 ⋅ (d) NaOH
13. Which one of the following is used for
water softening? [Astt. Comm. 2019]
(a) Mg(HCO ) 3 2 (b) Na PO 3 4
(c) Na P O 6 6 18 (d) Na HPO 2 4
14. Sodium calcium silicate is called …….
(a) hard glass [SSC (10 2) 2017]
(b) borosilicate glass
(c) soft glass
(d) jena glass
15. Which of the following elements has the
lowest melting point? [SSC (10 2) 2017]
(a) Sodium (b) Tin
(c) Radon (d) Radium
16. What is the product formed when
sodium bicarbonate is heated strongly?
(a) Sodium Carbonate [SSC CGL 2016]
(b) Sodium Hydroxide
(c) Sodium Peroxide
(d) Sodium Monoxide
17. The chemical that is used to ripen
mangoes is [NDA 2020]
(a) calcium sulphide
(b) calcium carbide
(c) calcium carbonate
(d) calcium chloride
18. Quartz is made of ………… .
[SSC CGL 2016, SSC (10 2) 2002]
(a) calcium sulphate
(b) calcium silicate
(c) sodium sulphate
(d) sodium silicate
19. Which one among the following
chemicals is used as washing soda?
(a) Calcium carbonate [NDA 2007]
(b) Calcium bicarbonate
(c) Sodium carbonate
(d) Sodium bicarbonate
20. Cement is made hard with [SSC 2012]
(a) dehydration
(b) hydration and dissociation of water
(c) dissociation of water.
(d) polymerisation.
21. Which of the following is the chemical
name of baking soda?
[SSC CGL 2018]
(a) Sodium carbonate
(b) Sulphate
(c) Sodium hydrogen carbonate
(d) Calcium hydroxide
22. What is the dominant chemical present
in detergent powder?
[SSC CGL 2018]
(a) Hydrochloric acid
(b) Sodium carbonate
(c) Calcium carbonate
(d) Sodium alkyl sulphate
23. Which of the following cannot be
beaten into Sheets? [SSC CGL 2017]
(a) Gold
(b) Silver
(c) Potassium
(d) Aluminium
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