Order Mitosis and Protein Synthesis

Order Mitosis and Protein Synthesis
Order Mitosis and Protein Synthesis
1. The term “chromatin” would be used in reference to which of the following?
A. Genetic substance
B. Cellular energy
C. Membrane support
D. Nuclear membrane
2. In protein synthesis, where dose translation occur? In the:
A. Cytoplasm between ribosomes, tRNA and mRNA
B. Nucleus between ribosomes, tRNA and mRNA
C. Nucleus between DNA and mRNA
D. Cytoplasm between DNA and mRNA
Order Mitosis and Protein Synthesis
3. If the DNA strand sequence of bases is CTT AGA CTA ATA, what would the
tRNA read?
4. Which one of the following statements best describes DNA?
A. Single-stranded, deoxyribonucleic acid
B. Single-stranded, ribonucleic acid
C. Double-stranded, deoxyribonucleic acid
D. Double-stranded, ribonucleic acid
5. In which phase of mitosis would chromosomes line up at the centre of the
A. Anaphase
B. Interphase
C. Prophase
D. Metaphase
Answer is D: Remember the metaphase plate occupies the middle of the cell.
6. In a cell cycle, which phase takes the longest time to complete?
A. Anaphase
B. Interphase
C. Prophase
D. Telophase
Answer is B: Interphase is the time when the cell is performing its normal function
and not dividing.
7. What is the purpose of meiosis? To produce:
B. Somatic cells
C. Diploid cells
D. Haploid cells
Answer is D: Meiosis produces sperm or egg so these must have half the complement of chromosomes (be haploid) to allow for the full complement to be present
(and not more!) when sperm combines with egg.
8. What results from the events that occur during metaphase of mitosis?
A. The nuclear membranes form around two nuclei.
B. The chromosomes are aligned on a plane in the centre of the cell.
C. The chromosomes become visible and attach to the spindle fibres.
D. The chromatids from each chromosome separate and move to opposite sides
of the cell.
Answer is B: During metaphase, chromosomes are arranged on a plane (the metaphase plate) in the middle of the cell, attached to microtubules of the spindle.
9. What is the name of the process of division of a somatic cell’s nucleus into two
daughter nuclei?
A. Prophase
B. Cytokinesis
C. Mitosis
D. Meiosis
2 Cells and Tissues
Answer is C: Mitosis involves somatic cells. Meiosis refers to the production of the
sex cells.
10. In a strand of DNA, what is the combination of deoxyribose and phosphate and
base known as?
A. A ribosome
B. A chromatid
C. A codon
D. A nucleotide
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