Order Numeric Entry Essay Questions

Order Numeric Entry Essay Questions
Order Numeric Entry Essay Questions

A flower garden contains only red rose plants and white rose plants. If the
total number of rose plants in the garden is 55, and the number of red rose
plants is 10 more than twice the number of white rose plants, what is the
ratio of white rose plants to red rose plants? Express your answer as a fraction. il
Three hundred thousand dollars in a retirement account is invested in municipal
bonds and oil stocks. If the amount invested in oil stocks is 150 percent of the
amount invested in municipal bonds, what is the amount invested in oil stocks?
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An urn contains 15 black marbles, green marbles, and red marbles, all
identical except for color. If the number of green marbles is 5, what is the probability of drawing a black or red marble when a single marble is drawn
at random from the urn? Express your answer as a fraction. il
Suppose for monthly expenditures, the amount spent on food is : of the
a ee amount spent on rent, and the amount spent on clothing is a of the
amount spent on food. The amount spent on rent is how many times the average (arithmetic mean) of the total amounts spent on food and clothing?
The sale price of a pair of running shoes was $125. After the sale, the sale price increased by $25. What is the percent increase over the sale price?
A chemist is making an alloy of tin and copper. The ratio of tin to copper in the alloy is 1 to 4. If the number of grams of copper in the alloy is 36, how many total grams are in the alloy?
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Parents of a newborn child allocated $20,000 of their savings to an invest- ment that earns 0.75% annual interest, compounded monthly. If there are no other transactions in the investment account, what is the amount of money (to the nearest cent) in the account 1 month after the account is opened?
Numeric Entry Questions ¢ 41
Two friends rented a light-duty moving truck. The rental store charges
$19.99 per hour or portion thereof for the truck rental plus $0.55 per mile
traveled, with no charge for gasoline. If the total round-trip mileage was
100 miles, and the friends returned the truck after 3 hours 20 minutes,
how much did the friends owe for renting the truck?
Shine Menge
A driver makes a trip of 266 miles. If the driver’s average speed is 63 miles
per hour for the first two hours of the trip and 70 miles per hour for the
rest of the trip, how long did the second part of the trip take?
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What is the least of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 147?
If x =6m? 4n?, and gcd(m,n) = 2, what is the greatest even number that
must be a factor of x?
Of the 3600 full-time and part-time positions at a company, es (x >0) are x
1 part-time. If the number of part-time positions is reduced by — and x* = 9, x how many part-time positions are lost?
In a league of 5 teams, each team plays each of the other teams 2 times
during the season. How many total games are played during the season?
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