Order Nursing Care to Support Nutrition

Order Nursing Care to Support Nutrition
Order Nursing Care to Support Nutrition
A primary health-care provider instructs a patient to
limit the dietary intake of complex carbohydrates.
The intake of which nutrient should the nurse teach
the patient to limit? ;
1. Milk
2. Nuts
3. Eggs
4, Pasta
A nurse is teaching a patient about what constitutes a
healthy diet. Which patient statement indicates that
the teaching was effective?
1. “I must eat a protein food daily to meet my
vitamin C requirement.”
2. “I need to minimize my intake of foods
containing trans fat.”
3. “I should ingest foods rich in nonessential
amino acids.”
4. “I want one fifth of the foods on MyPlate to be
Order Nursing Care to Support Nutrition
A nurse is teaching a patient how to calculate the
kilocalories contained in an ounce of corn chips.
The nutrition facts label indicates that a one ounce
serving contains 10 g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates,
and 2 g of protein. The patient accurately calculated
the total number of kilocalories contained in one
ounce of corn chips. How many kilocalories did the
patient calculate was contained in this snack? Record
the answer using a whole number.
Answer: kilocalories
A nurse working in a primary care clinic is caring for
a patient who was diagnosed with a low vitamin D
level. The primary health-care provider prescribes
5,000 units of vitamin D daily and the nurse is teaching the patient foods that are high in vitamin D. The
selection of which food by the patient indicates to
the nurse that the patient can identify at least one
food that is high in vitamin D?
1. Nuts
2. Eggs
3. Liver
4. Oranges
A primary health-care provider prescribes the proton-pump inhibitor omeprazole (Prilosec). The prescription states to take 20 mg once a day. Which
instruction should the nurse give the patient regarding this medication?
1. “Take the capsule several hours before an antacid.”
2. “Sprinkle the capsule contents in applesauce.”
3. “Take the capsule with food.”
4. “Swallow the capsule whole.”
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