Order Nutrition And Chronic Disease Discussion

Order Nutrition And Chronic Disease Discussion
I chose the topic of obesity, also known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is several risk factors that increase your chances of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Unhealthy weight gain is a result of a mixture of things, including but not limited to:
· Genetics- depending on the type of lifestyle that parents raise children in, there is a chance that the child will grow up following that same lifestyle.
· Junk food- foods that taste good but are not suitable for the human body because of additives and ingredients used to extend shelf life. These include processed foods that come in pretty packages with multiple servings in one container.
· Food addiction- In the same way, people have drug and food addictions. Sometimes people who quit doing drugs, drinking, or smoking start eating more because they need something to replace that habit. Some people use food for comfort when stressed or going through a lot.
· Aggressive marketing- companies pay a lot for commercials aired on television, and some of their main targets are children. So, these children get addicted to junk food and are more likely to continue eating these same foods as they become adults. They are developing diabetes and obesity.
· Insulin- In overweight individuals, energy is stored in fat cells instead of the body using it. High insulin levels can create problems with your body’s ability to regulate the level of sugar. They are leading to diabetes by developing resistance.
· Certain medications and medical conditions- Some side effects of medications are weight gain, taking depo shots, for instance, over time, which can cause weight gain. According to Healthline’s 10 Leading Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity (Reference included below), “These drugs don’t decrease your willpower. They alter the function of your body and brain, reducing metabolic rate or increasing appetite.” Also, having a specific diet or being allergic to particular food makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet or to plan one. You have to sit with a nutritionist and figure out what you can do to prepare healthy meals or order them premade. Buy a good cookbook. Even then, you must worry about how much fat is in meat or how much water is in it.
· Hormone imbalance- your hormones become imbalanced, and your body just gets out of whack.
Order Nutrition And Chronic Disease Discussion
· Food access- Do you have access to healthy foods? Some people cannot afford food, and some are homeless and take what they can get. I feel the price of healthy foods is way higher than processed foods. You walk into a store, and soda is 99 cents versus water which is $2.50. When you have limited resources, it is difficult to afford to eat right.
· Sugar is in everything, and again as I mentioned above, consuming large amounts of sugar in your diet can create insulin resistance, and that is where diabetes comes in.
· Misinformation- some products are not required to list certain ingredients on the nutrition label. Of course, to understand what you are consuming, you must understand all the elements and what is harmful to your body. You almost have to look up everything you eat if you want to stay aware.
Some of the best ways to start eating healthy, are to watch nutrition labels. Know what you are consuming. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily to get your heart going and new blood flow through your veins to your extremities. Find a diet that is customizable to your needs and health conditions. A diet that excludes anything that you may be allergic too. Schedule yearly physical exams with your primary doctor, staying on top of your health is a great way to prevent many health problems or give you enough time to change something if you are aware of what is going on with your body.
Cultures plays a part in this too, which is why I had mentioned history. Whether or not you have a history of healthy eating habits depending upon how your parents raised you can also be a contributing factor. i am Native American and my ancestors used to hunt and fish for our food or pick berries. We are not able to do that now unless we have a license to hunt, fish and carry a gun. If you go to where I am from, all of our berry bushes were torn down by tax housing, and you’d be lucky to find a lot of natural resources now.

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