Order Origin of Life Discussion Questions

Order Origin of Life Discussion Questions
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Order Origin of Life Discussion Questions
1. Evolutionary biology is
(a) the study of history of life forms on
(b) study of pedigrees of life forms on
Order Origin of Life Discussion Questions
(c) equivalent to demography.
(d) equivalent to anthropology.
2. The origin of universe occurred about
(a) 15 billion years ago
(b) 40 billion years ago
(c) 24 billion years ago
(d) 30 billion years ago
3. Who proposed the Big-Bang theory?
(a) Father Saurez
(b) Abbe Lemaitre
(c) Arno Allen Penzias
(d) Edwin P Hubble
4. Big-Bang theory attempts to explain the
origin of
(a) earth
(b) solar-system
(c) universe
(d) continents
5. Abiogenesis means
(a) origin of eukaryotes.
(b) origin of life from living organisms.
(c) origin of life from non-living organisms.
(d) origin of prokaryotes.
6. According to recent proof, the life on
earth emerged approximately
(a) before 20,000 years
(b) before 2,00,000 years
(c) before 20,0000 years
(d) before 2,000,000,000 years
7. Which is the oldest organism on earth
[UPPSC (Mains) 2008]
(a) Blue-green algae (b) Fungi
(c) Amoeba (d) Euglena
8. The complex organic compounds that
may have first evolved in the direction
of origin of life on earth may have been
(a) protein and amino acids
(b) protein and nucleic acids
(c) urea and nucleic acids
(d) urea and amino acids
9. How is free oxygen present into the
earth’s atmosphere, whereas there
was no free oxygen at the time of origin
of life?
(a) By catalytic activity of animals
(b) By photosynthetic activity
(c) By heating of earth
(d) None of the above
10. Early atmosphere contained methane
and other hydrocarbons they have been
now replaced by [BPSC (Pre) 1995]
(a) nitrogen (b) oxygen
(c) carbon dioxide (d) hydrogen
Order Origin of Life Discussion Questions
11. Theory of origin of life as a result of
chemical evolution has been properly
explained by
(a) Stanley Miller (b) Darwin
(c) Oparin (d) S Fox
12. Oparin and Haldane’s theory is also
(a) Chemical theory of origin of life
(b) Modern theory of origin of life
(c) Naturalistic theory
(d) All of the above
13. Experimental evidence of chemical
evolution was given by
(a) Miller (b) Haldane
(c) Oparin (d) All of the above
14. Miller synthesised simple amino acids
from one of the following mixtures in his
(a) CH4
, NH3
, H2 and water vapour
(b) H2
, O2
, N2 and water vapour
(c) H2
, O2
, C2 and water vapour
(d) CH4
, NH3
, O2 and water vapour
15. The first life on the earth was
developed through
(a) chemical evolution
(b) panspermia
(c) biogenesis
(d) abiogenesis
16. Which of the following evolved first on
the primitive earth?
(a) Viroids (b) Coacervates
(c) Cyanobacteria (d) Mycoplasma
17. Coacervates belongs to the category of
(a) cyanobacteria
(b) protozoans
(c) molecular aggregates with lipid bilayer
(d) molecular aggregate lack definite
lipid membrane
18. Select the wrong pair.
(a) Oparin – Probiont
(b) Spallanzani – Approve abiogenesis
(c) Haldane – Hot dilute soup
(d) Fox – Coacervates
19. Which of the following experiments
suggests that the simplest-living
organisms could not have originated
spontaneously from non-living matter?
(a) Microbes did not appear in stored
(b) Larvae could appear in decaying
organic matter.
(c) Microbes appeared from unsterilised
organic matter.
(d) Meat was not spoiled, when heated
and kept sealed in a vessel.
20. Organic evolution is also called
(a) chemical evolution
(b) stellar evolution
(c) biological evolution
(d) All of the above
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