Order Physiology Homework Assignment Help

Order Physiology Homework Assignment Help
Order Physiology Homework Assignment Help
1. Which diffuses through the pulmonary membrane most
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Alcohol
Muscle hypertrophy refers to
A. extreme atrophy of muscle
B. physical enlargement of muscle
C. lack of exercise
D. denervated muscle
Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system will
A. decreased activity of the heart
B. increased activity of the heart
C. unchanged activity of the heart
D. more rapid respiration
When arterial pressure is high, respiration is
A. increased
B. decreased
C. unchanged
D. fluctuating
The functional unit of the urinary system is the
A. collecting tubules
renal pelvis SOS urinary bladder
34 /
Occupational Therapy
A high concentration of calcium in the extracellular fluid
A. increase the permeability of the cell membrane
B. decrease the permeability of the cell membrane
C. cause no change in the permeability of the cell
D. cause a great change in the permeability of the cell
A solution that causes osmosis of fluid out of the cell into
the solution is called
A. isotonic
B. hypertonic
C. hypotonic
D. hyperplasic
Which ions have the most difficulty in passing through the
cell membrane by diffusion?
A. Negatively charged ions
B. Positively charged ions
C. Neutral ions
D. Ions with small atomic weight
The valve most frequently affected by rheumatic fever is
A. tricuspid (left atrioventricular)
B. aortic
C. mitral (bicuspid)
D. pulmonary
“Edema” of a potential space is called
A. effusion
B. diffusion
C. profusion
D. infection
Order Physiology Homework Assignment Help
A trained muscle increases in size because of
an increase in the number of muscle fibers
. the increased size of the individual muscle fibers
increased strength vowD> . increased efficiency
Physiology / 35
QUESTIONS 228-232: Match the five basic substances of
protoplasm with their descriptive terms.
Provide inorganic chemicals for cellular reaction
Soluble in fat solvents
The fluid medium of all protoplasm
Plays major role in cellular nutrition
10-20% of the cell mass
QUESTIONS 233-247: Select the one most appropriate answer.
Concerning the urinary system, the function of the
glomerulus is to
A. reabsorb from the filtrate those substances needed in
the body
B. remove the waste products of metabolism
C. filter water and solutes from the blood
D. increase filtration pressure
The simplest reflex arc is the
A. axon reflex
B. stretch reflex
C. withdrawal reflex
D. two-neuron reflex
The inhibitory transmitter secreted at some presynaptic terminals is believed to be the
A. acetylcholine
B. cholinesterase
C. gamma-aminobutyric acid
D. histamine
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