Order Political Philosophy Assignment Help

Order Political Philosophy Assignment Help
Order Political Philosophy Assignment Help
1. To Polemarchus’s definition of justice, Plato has Socrates give what
(A) Returning a runaway slave to his master
(B) Giving taxes to a tyrant
(C) Giving a child an adult task
(D) Giving charity to a poor person
(E) Giving a mentally deranged person his axe back
2. What ability does Plato’s imagined “ring of Gyges” bestow upon its bearer?
(A) Immortality
(B) Invisibility
(C) Omnipotence
(D) Perfect virtue
(E) Popularity
3. According to Plato, whether one becomes a ruler, guardian, or producer
is determined .
(A) entirely by heredity
(B) typically by heredity, but personal capacity is the final determinant
(C) by a lottery
(D) by what an individual decides at the beginning of adulthood
(E) by what an individual’s parents decide
4. Which of the following is NOT a definition of justice proposed
in The Republic?
(A) Speaking the truth and repaying debts
(B) Benefiting friends and harming enemies
(C) Benefiting the just and harming the unjust
(D) The advantage of the stronger
(E) The instruction of the law
72 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Philosophy Questions
5. Aristotle describes his subject matter in the Nicomachean Ethics
as .
(A) ethics
(B) political science
(C) political philosophy
(D) rhetoric
(E) logic
6. Aristotle often compares the politician to a(n) .
(A) ethicist
(B) judge
(C) craftsman
(D) rhetorician
(E) scientist
7. Aristotle conceives of a constitution as a(n) .
(A) organizing principle
(B) written document
(C) mere formality
(D) product of consensus
(E) perfect idea
8. Aristotle thought that slavery was justified because .
(A) the stronger has the right to rule over the weaker
(B) those who are masters need extra help
(C) there is no evidence to the contrary
(D) slaves naturally need a master to direct their lives
(E) slaves captured as spoils of war are naturally owned by the victors
9. According to Aristotle, the dominant class in an oligarchy is usually
(A) the noble
(B) the divinely appointed
(C) the culturally refined
(D) the wealthy
(E) the intelligentsia
Political Philosophy ❮ 73
10. What kind of political system did Aristotle think was optimal?
(A) A democracy
(B) An aristocracy
(C) An oligarchy
(D) A monarchy
(E) Anarc
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