Order Psychology and Human Relations

Order Psychology and Human Relations
Order Psychology and Human Relations
1. With regard to factors that contribute to differences in individuals, which statement is FALSE?“
A. Every individual has a unique combination of hereditary traits
B. Heredity establishes the basic personality
C. Heredity affects the individual’s developmental rate
D. Environment exerts little influence in accounting for
individual differences
2. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual factors
A. are interrelated developmental factors contributing to
individual differences among people
B. develop simultaneously and at the same rate in an
C. develop simultaneously at a uniform depth of intensity,
creating differences among individuals
D. are independent of environmental conditions in their
E. are developed only in an optimum environment
2 / Medical Assisting Fundamentals
3. Recognizing the influence of environment on personality
and behavior, which of the following probably has the greatest effect on the young child’s development?
A. Home conditions
B. Climate
C. Community conditions (urban or rural)
D. Social environment
4. To be successful in the management of patients, the medical
assistant must bear in mind that
A. the basic principles of psychology as applied to average
~~ well people must be adapted to meet the needs of people
who are ill
B. a continuous study of abnormal psychology is very
it is really quite impossible to deal effectively with neurotic or psychotic patients
all good patients must be treated alike
a good supply of tranquilizers should be available to give
to patients who are disturbed when they arrive
5. According to the Maslow theory, human needs are classified
A. linear
B. sequential
C. interchangeable
D. nonpredictable
6. Asa health care professional, the medical assistant should
understand that
A. it is important to be able to develop a rapport with
patients having many different backgrounds
patient behavior usually reflects one’s own behavior
patients may perceive the medical assistant as “cold” or
all of the above mo Ofnone of the above
Psychology and Human Relations / 3
7. A patient suffering from emphysema may at times have a
need for more oxygen. This would actually be a
A. B.
physiological need
social need
security need
esteem need
8. Which of tne following are security needs?
Keeping alive
Avoiding the aging process
Avoiding injury
Being protected from real or imagined enemies
Having a predictable, organized environment
9. Each of the following is considered a basic physical need
demanding satisfaction EXCEPT
water —
positive self-concept
10. It is not uncommon for patients to develop diseases and
illnesses due to feelings of being unloved and not belonging.
These patients have
physiological needs
security needs
social needs
esteem needs
11. The highest level of need is that of esteem or acceptance. All
of the following are valid implications for handling patients
having such needs EXCEPT
oo |e
patients should be recognized and made to feel welcome
on arrival at the office
patienis should be criticized for failure to follow instructions properly
patients need understanding due to the stress of illness
patients detect insincerity
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