Order Psychology Paper Assignment

Order Psychology Paper Assignment
In order to help students to consolidate their learning and demonstrate their ability to discuss and apply the material covered in the course, students will create a power point presentation exploring the following question: How do psychological disorders affect memory and how are they treated?
Assignment guidelines:
Specifically, students will choose a psychological disorder from the list below and must first explain what memory is and how it works, then define and describe the chosen diagnosis. Students must follow this with a discuss the question presented above (How do psychological disorders affect memory and how are they treated?) The discussion of the question should be based on peer-reviewed, academic literature as this addresses the information learned about research methods utilized in psychology. This section should utilize at least 2 research articles from peer-reviewed literature (academic journals) on the impact of the chosen disorder and memory and at least 2 research articles on treatments of the chosen disorder. Finally, the project should end with a discussion and reflection of how the treatment of the disorder can be supplemented with faith-based interventions using support from at least 1 peer-reviewed, academic journal (websites ARE NOT permitted for this project).
Students will choose from the following disorders to focus on for the project:
Major Depressive Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
The project must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 15 slides, not including the title page and reference page(s), which are, nevertheless, required. The project should adhere to APA guidelines in all respects, including but not limited to: tone/writing style, use and formatting of in-text citations, as well as the format of the reference page. Effort should be made to enhance the content with the use of illustrations/graphics, as well as with the appropriate use of background and font for the slides (i.e., background and font should not be distracting from content and should not make it difficult to read information on slides). Student submissions will be evaluated based on the structure description below and the attached rubric.
Structure of the project (Introduction, 5 parts, Conclusion):
Introduction (1 slide): Introduction of topic and what will be discussed in project.
Part 1 (4 slides): Explanation of memory and how it works.
a. Definition of “memory” as a psychological concept
b. Identification of types of memory
c. Description of process of memory (i.e., how are memories formed, stored, and recalled)
Part 2 (4 slides): Definition of the disorder.
a. DSM-5 classification of the disorder
b. Description/identification of symptoms based on DSM-5 diagnostic criteria
c. Description of causes / etymology (can be found in textbook AND DSM-5)
1. Include discussion of biological AND social/environmental causes
Part 3 (2 slides): Discussion of how the disorder affects memory (based on peer-reviewed literature).
Part 4 (2 slides): Discussion of at least 2 ways of treating the disorder (based on peer-reviewed literature)
Part 5 (1 slide): Discussion of how the disorder treatment can be supported with faith-based interventions/ treatment (supported by and based on peer-reviewed literature)
Conclusion (1 slide): Final thoughts, reflections; What is the “take-home message”?

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