Order Purpose of the Lend-Lease Program

Order Purpose of the Lend-Lease Program
Order Purpose of the Lend-Lease Program
1. The main purpose of the Lend-Lease Program was to
(A) isolate the Soviet Union militarily
(B) attempt to convince Italy to maintain neutrality
(C) aid nations deemed vital to American security
(D) provide aid against communist insurgencies in Spain
(E) end the Depression through wartime production
2. Th e Atlantic Charter was an agreement between
(A) the United States and France
(B) the United States and Britain
(C) Britain and France
(D) the United States and Greenland
(E) Greenland, Britain, and France
3. In response to the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the United
(A) declared war on Japan
(B) adopted its Good Neighbor Policy
(C) adopted the fi rst Neutrality Act
(D) froze all Japanese assets and ceased trade
(E) adopted the Stimson Doctrine
The Great Depression and the Second World War ❮ 109
4. Due to the forceful advancement of the Japanese military, General
Douglas MacArthur was forced to withdraw from
(A) the Philippines
(B) Korea
(C) French-held Indochina
(D) Pearl Harbor
(E) Manchuria
Order Purpose of the Lend-Lease Program
5. Th e main goal of the America First Committee was to
(A) preemptively enter the Second World War to avoid a surprise attack
(B) continue American isolationism by ending the Lend-Lease Program
(C) trade with both Axis and Allied nations to bolster the American
(D) stop the infl ux of Latin-American immigrants from entering the
United States
(E) provide aid for the families of victims who died in Pearl Harbor
Order Purpose of the Lend-Lease Program
6. Th e Nazi Party was an extreme example of what political ideology?
(A) Communism
(B) Socialism
(C) Fascism
(D) Nationalism
(E) Democratic socialism
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