Order Safety and Security Assessment

Order Safety and Security Assessment
Order Safety and Security Assessment
A nurse is assessing a client who, over the past 3 years,
has experienced feelings of sadness related to the
death of a beloved aunt. The client sleeps and eats
little and isolates themself. How should the nurse
interpret the client’s behaviors?
1. The client’s functional impairment indicates a need
for psychiatric commitment.
2. The client’s behaviors are part of the normal grief
3. The client’s behaviors are not congruent with cultural norms.
4. The client’s functional impairment indicates potential mental illness.
2. A client from India states, “My uncle sinned when he
slaughtered his cow for profit.” Which data should the
nurse consider when assessing this client’s mental
1. Delusions are false personal beliefs.
2. The concepts of mental health and mental illness
are defined and influenced by culture and religious
3. Hallucinations are false sensory perceptions not
associated with any real external stimuli and may
involve any of the five senses.
4. This client is employing the defense mechanism of
3. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which situation demonstrates the highest level of attainment?
1. An individual demonstrates an ability to discuss
objectively all points of view and possesses a strong
sense of ethics.
2. An individual avoids harm while maintaining comfort, order, and physical safety.
3. An individual establishes meaningful interpersonal
relationships and can identify himself or herself
within a group.
4. An individual desires prestige from personal
4. Order the level of need attainment as described by
Maslow from an individual’s basic need foundation to
the individual’s highest fulfillment potential.
1. Love and Belonging
2. Self-Actualization
3. Physiological Needs
4. Self-esteem, Esteem of Others
5. Safety and Security
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