Order Social Behavior and Learning

Order Social Behavior and Learning
Order Social Behavior and Learning
1. Albert Bandura believed that behavior responses are the result of
_____________ thought and ______________ interactions.
2. Social behaviorists emphasize that outcome _____________ shape behaviors and that behaviors are influenced by others and the social context.
(A) expectations
(B) consequences
(C) reinforcements
(D) punishments
3. Rotter believed that all of the following except ________________ are
represented in one’s patterns of internal and external locus of control.
(A) perceptions
(B) involuntary responses
(C) beliefs
(D) outcome expectations
4. Bandura’s social learning theory is unlike the traditional behaviorist stimulus and response learning theory because it emphasized _____________
(A) voluntary
(B) instrumental
(C) observational
(D) involuntary
5. Jason watches his older brother smoking outside with his friends. According to Bandura, Jason will likely
(A) learn to smoke too
(B) learn that smoking is not healthy
(C) not smoke
(D) tell his brother not to smoke
Order Social Behavior and Learning
6. __________________ is an assimilation of perceptions, interpretations,
self-understanding, social reflection, and self-efficacy.
(A) Operant learning
(B) Classical learning
(C) Instrumental learning
(D) Social learning
7. Within the social learning perspective, ________________ is to Bandura
as _________________ is to Rotter.
(A) self-esteem, self-efficacy
(B) self-efficacy, locus of control
(C) locus of control, self-esteem
(D) locus of control, self-efficacy
8. ________________is concerned with the perceived relationship individuals have with their environment and the effect they can have on outcomes.
(A) Self-efficacy
(B) Locus of control
(C) Self-esteem
(D) Social identity
Behavioral Theories and Perspectives ‹ 75
Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
Order Social Behavior and Learning
9. _____________ locus of control represents a high level of perceived selfcontrol over an outcome, whereas _____________ locus of control suggests belief that an outcome is beyond an individual’s control.
10. Both of Terry’s parents have type 2 diabetes, and he believes that he will
eventually get it despite any efforts to eat right or exercise regularly. Terry is
high on _____________ locus of control for diabetes onset.
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