Order Social Psychology Assignment Help

Order Social Psychology Assignment Help
Order Social Psychology Assignment Help
1. The young man Carla is interviewing appears quite nervous, and
Carla has a few theories about why. What are these theories called?
(A) Attitudes
(B) Behaviors
(C) Cognitions
(D) Attributions
(E) Schemas
2. Although Paul has been kind and funny when they have interacted
after their first meeting, Shawn has difficulty believing he is kind
and funny because during their first meeting Paul was short and
uninterested. What phenomenon does this situation describe?
(A) Stereotyping
(B) Primacy effect
(C) Distinctiveness
(D) Attribution
(E) Cognitive dissonance
64 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Psychology Questions
3. Schemata help humans form impressions by
(A) evaluating relevant data
(B) allowing for organization of information into categories and
influencing the interpreting and remembering of information
(C) prioritizing early information over later information
(D) using a set of categories that is believed to be shared by members
of a certain group
(E) answering questions about the causes of behaviors
Order Social Psychology Assignment Help
4. Incorrect attribution of a behavior to personal qualities with lack
of attention to situational qualities is called
(A) judgment error
(B) fundamental attribution error
(C) perception bias
(D) just-world hypothesis
(E) stereotyping
5. A person’s relatively stable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors about an
individual, group, or issue makes up his or her
(A) belief
(B) attitude
(C) attribution
(D) cognition
(E) self-fulfilling prophecy
6. A teacher’s belief that male students will do better on math tests may
influence the males in the class to, in fact, produce higher test scores.
Which phenomenon does this situation describe?
(A) Just-world hypothesis
(B) Defensive attribution
(C) Prejudice
(D) Stereotype
(E) Self-fulfilling prophecy
Order Social Psychology Assignment Help
7. Julie was particularly upset when she lost her dog because she believed
she was a good person and because she was a good person bad things
should not happen to her. Which attribution error did Julie exhibit?
(A) Fundamental attribution error
(B) Just-world hypothesis
(C) Distinctiveness
(D) Defensive attribution error
(E) Cognitive dissonance
Social Psychology ❮ 65
258. A person who has had negative experiences with individuals from a
different cultural background than his or her own may categorize this
group of individuals in a certain way. What is this person doing?
(A) Stereotyping
(B) Using attribution
(C) Using the self-fulfilling prophecy
(D) Forming a cognition
(E) Forming an attitude
259. Mr. Palmer believes strongly that his son Corey acts differently when
around his friends in order to show off. What is Mr. Palmer’s belief
about Corey’s behavior?
(A) An attribution
(B) An attitude
(C) A cognition
(D) A prejudice
(E) A schema
260. What type of attribution error occurs when an individual attributes
his or her successes to individual qualities and efforts while attributing
failures to systemic or external circumstances?
(A) Just-world hypothesis
(B) Defensive attribution error
(C) Fundamental attribution error
(D) Cultural attribution error
(E) Error in consensus
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