Order Stewardship And Sustainability Discussion

Order Stewardship And Sustainability Discussion
This discussion asks you to formulate a definition of environmental sustainability based on research and how it can apply to environmental stewardship both on a personal and national level. I will start you off by telling you that scientists working on environmental sustainability (ES) consider there to be 3 major principles to ES: reliance on solar energy for photosynthesis and other alternative energy sources; nutrient cycling of chemicals through soil, water, and air; and protection and restoration of biological diversity. These are the 3 legs of our environmental sustainability stool and it will collapse if any one of them is negatively impacted in a substantial way.
You may already have an opinion on what is meant by environmental sustainability. The topic is in the news frequently and it is difficult not to form an opinion when you hear a lot about a subject, even when you do not know how accurate the material is that you are confronted with. Follow the following steps to prepare yourself for this discussion:
Order Stewardship And Sustainability Discussion
Read the article at this website: Environmental Sustainability. Note in particular the information in the sidebar about the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Social, Environmental and Economic. Website: http://www.thwink.org/sustain/glossary/EnvironmentalSustainability.htm
Next, conduct an internet search on environmental sustainability. You can use Wikipedia to get a quick head start; and also look for articles in the web magazine ScienceDaily. Read enough information to have a good basis for an informed opinion on the subject. Website: https://www.sciencedaily.com/
Your initial post:
1: What does environmentally sustainable mean to you personally?
2: What do you think the major challenges are to achieving environmental sustainability for our species?
3: What should Americans and the world be encouraged to do to foster sustainability? Name at least 2-3 ideas and discuss how they promote sustainability.
In your initial post, please provide 3-4 references in APA format and use in-text citations.

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