Order Talent Development Paper

Order Talent Development Paper
Using the Capella Library, course readings, and the Internet, research human resource management, talent development, employee performance and retention in an employee-centered organization. Then, analyze strategies and techniques for human resource management, talent development, and staff recruitment and retention. Based on your research, write a paper in which you:
Analyze evidence-based best practices for human resource management used in creating an employee-centered organization as those best practices relate to the organization’s vision, mission, culture, and strategy.
Analyze best practices and expectations for accountability in human resource management and talent development in health care organizations.
Explain how enforcing accountability can help an organization achieve established goals and challenge the status quo.
Propose leadership strategies to achieve organizational human resources goals and challenge the status quo.
Propose interventions to promote collaboration and goal attainment.
Describe how the use of professionalism in one’s skills and abilities as a leader impact effective talent development and employee retention.
Explain how professionalism helps an organization achieve established goals and challenge the status quo.
Submission Requirements
Written communication: Writing is free from errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Assignment should use APA style and formatting, including a cover page, page numbers, and in-text citations for all references.
Number of resources: Minimum of seven resources, four of which must come from peer-reviewed sources.
Length of paper: 4–10 typed double-spaced pages. This does not include the cover page and references pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Submit your paper as a Word attachment in the assignment area.
Human Resource Management and Talent Development Scoring Guide.
APA Style and Format.
Capella Library.
Capella Writing Center.
How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Articles?
Incentives for Improving Human Resource Outcomes in Health Care: Overview of Reviews.
Leadership Development: Building the Workforce of the Future.
Reading and Mining the Elements of a Research Paper.
The Importance of Human Resources Management to the Health Care System.
The Most Effective Leadership Style for the New Landscape of Healthcare.
APA Paper Template.
APA Paper Tutorial.

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