Order Technology Management Assignment

Order Technology Management Assignment
This week’s assignment has two parts and asks that you use concepts from both Chapter 2 (Quality Management) and Chapter 3 (Customer Focus).
Part I. Write a procedure paper. It can be either production or policy based. I would recommend writing a procedure that relates to your current place of employment (this should make the assignment a little easier), although this is entirely up to you. The requirements for this assignment are as follows:
Think of a procedure at your place of work (or some other organization with which you’re familiar) that you think should be changed.
Write a procedure paper for the new procedure that you think should replace the existing one. The only content requirement here is that the new procedure should clearly abide by some of the principles from both chapters.
Your procedure should include a minimum of seven actions and two agents.
While I hope that the formatting instructions I’ve provided for this assignment in the lectures for this unit are unambiguous and easy to follow, I know how much it can help to see an example of one of these papers before you start writing. I’ve uploaded a student example in the Files for you to look at, so you can get a clear idea of how this assignment is supposed to look.
Order Technology Management Assignment
Part II. Compose a short write-up that introduces your procedure. Walk us through the existing procedure, explain why it’s sub optimal, and then explain why your proposed procedure is superior and how it relates to the principles of TQ/Quality Management and Customer Focus. You don’t have to get carried away here, although you’ll probably need around 300 words or so to touch on all of these points.
The first part of this assignment is worth 25 points, and the second part is worth 15 points. Please include both of these in the same document and submit it in the appropriate area of this assignment.
Grading Rubric for Part I
Possible Points
Paper is properly formatted, minimum of seven actions and two agents are included. The procedure is written in clear and simple language, and conforms to the standards laid out in the lecture series and the assignment description. No grammatical or spelling error.
Paper is properly formatted, minimum of seven actions and two agents are included. Descriptions of the procedures are either incomplete, poorly written, not in chronological order, or do not clearly relate to the principles of TQ. Two to eight spelling or grammar errors.
Incorrect formatting, missing or incomplete descriptions. Nine to twenty grammatical/spelling errors.
Parts of the paper are missing, formatting is incorrect. Over twenty grammatical errors.
Grading Rubric for Part II
Possible Points
Write-up fully conforms to the assignment guidelines. No grammatical errors.
Write-up conforms to most of the assignment guidelines, but some key elements are missing. Two to eight grammar/spelling errors.
Few, if any, of the assignment requirements are satisfied. Nine or more spelling/grammar errors.

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