Order The Mental and the Physical Assignment

Order The Mental and the Physical Assignment
Order The Mental and the Physical Assignment
1. Which of the following is a common name for the theory that
the mental and the physical comprise two different fundamental
(A) Emergentism
(B) Property dualism
(C) Substance dualism
(D) Idealism
(E) Occasionalism
2. The term is often used interchangeably with the term
(A) substance dualism, monism
(B) materialism, idealism
(C) physicalism, property dualism
(D) monism, idealism
(E) materialism, physicalism
100 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Philosophy Questions
3. Most famously defended by Bishop Berkeley in the 18th century, the
metaphysical theory of idealism declares that .
(A) ultimately, human beings are basically good
(B) human brains constantly evolve to achieve greater and greater
computational successes
(C) the objects that seem to surround us in space do not have an existence
independent of our experience of them
(D) one cannot, without contradiction, doubt one’s own existence
(E) philosophical ideas often have the power to significantly alter the flow
of history
4. Which of the following is the most accurate name for the metaphysical
theory that states that although only physical substance exists, physical
objects can have nonphysical as well as physical features or characteristics.
(A) Nonreductionism
(B) Property dualism
(C) Behaviorism
(D) Physicalism
(E) Materialism
5. Which of the following is NOT a likely implication of the identity theory
of mind?
(A) Experiences are nothing “over and above” physical events.
(B) The relation between brain events and mental events is more than
one of mere correlation.
(C) Mental states can be explained in terms of brain states.
(D) The mental and the physical comprise two fundamentally different
(E) There are no mental phenomena that are fundamentally, irreducibly
6. The problem that, according to David Chalmers, has not been sufficiently
solved by physicalist theories of mind is known as the “hard problem
of consciousness.” The hard problem is contrasted with the easy problems,
for which physicalism can account more easily. Which of the following
is NOT an example of an easy problem?
(A) How is it possible for an organism to discriminate between two
different colors?
(B) How is it possible for human beings to report mental states?
(C) Why is there a subjective component to experience?
(D) Why are certain brain states correlated with certain behaviors?
(E) How are we able to remember things that happened in the past?
Metaphysics ❮ 101
387. Qualia is typically used to refer to which of the following?
(A) The differences between mental states and physical states
(B) The ability to feel pain and pleasure
(C) Publicly accessible expressions of mental states (e.g., wincing
or crying when in pain)
(D) The subjective, phenomenal “feel” of experience
(E) The dual properties of the mental and the physical
388. Which of the following gives the most accurate term for any theory
that there is just one kind of substance underlying the whole of reality?
(A) Monism
(B) Pantheism
(C) Substance dualism
(D) Epiphenomenalism
(E) Property dualism
389. Zombies, in the context of philosophy of mind, are creatures who behave
just like us, yet lack conscious experience. The mere possibility of zombies
is typically supposed to present a specific problem to .
(A) substance dualism
(B) property dualism
(C) monism
(D) physicalism
(E) idealism
390. Which of the following does NOT represent a stance on the causal relation
between the mental and the physical in a dualist theory of mind?
(A) Epiphenomenalism
(B) Functionalism
(C) Parallelism
(D) Occasionalism
(E) Interactionism
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