Order The Research Plan Assignment

Order The Research Plan Assignment
The Research Plan
In this course, you and your team will create a research plan based on qualitative interviews with IT stakeholders working in an organization in a similar sector.
You and your team should use your network to identify at least one stakeholder, but preferably two stakeholders, who work in a similar sector to your chosen problem.
Testing the Solution
The Solution Testing page includes five areas of business associated with or significantly affected by the implementation of new information technology in an organization.
How will your proposed solutions stand up in each of these application areas? Each member of the team will test all three proposed solutions from attached document against at least two of the common application areas given on the Solution Testing page.
At this stage, you are also invited to think creatively and add information you already possess to apply your skills and knowledge to test the value of your solutions. You should describe how the proposed solutions address the concerns identified in the common application areas. When possible, provide concrete details and data to support your answers. Use a format agreed upon by the team to present the results of your testing.
The Results
Testing the solution will yield results. In this course, the results of your test will show the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed solutions. What you learn from testing your proposed solutions against the scenarios in this step will help you identify, revise, and clarify which of your proposed solutions, or combination thereof, to use as your final solution.
Instructions for Deliverable
Present your research plan as an orderly and useful document, demonstrating the work you completed.
Then, each member of the team should test all three proposed solutions from Step Three against at least two of the application areas listed on the Step Four Solution Testing(new tab) page. Use a format agreed upon by the team.
To conduct the test, describe how your three proposed solutions address the concerns and questions identified in each application area. Analyze the solutions for any weaknesses: Do they provide the solutions needed? Is the solution a better fit for one type of application over another? Make recommendations for improving the solutions within the plan to better tailor them to your organization.
As appropriate, compare your test results to your research plan. What information overlaps? What information differs?
Present the results of your test as organized information. Provide a brief summary of the action steps needed to strengthen your solution. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions.
This assignment is continuation of previously submitted assignment, (STEP3) the attached document.
There are 3 proposed solutions, you can find all of them under the sub heading proposed solutions. Need to write at least 2 pages about testing each solution based on above instructions.

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