Order Tudor and Early Stuart England

Order Tudor and Early Stuart England
Order Tudor and Early Stuart England
1. The reign of Queen Mary I is best remembered for
(A) her romantic marriage to Philip II of Spain
(B) her sponsorship of artists and men of letters
(C) her judicial persecution and execution of hundreds of Protestants
(D) her establishment of charity schools for children of the poor
(E) her insistence on ruling without advice or interference from
2. Which best describes King James I’s view of the British Parliament?
(A) It should exist only to carry out the king’s wishes.
(B) It should advise the king only on matters of foreign policy.
(C) It should function as a powerful lawmaking body.
(D) It should play an important role in the administration of justice.
(E) It should serve as a legislative model for other nations to copy.
Absolute Monarchy in Early Modern Europe ❮ 17
Order Tudor and Early Stuart England
3. The Anglican Church, or Church of England, was formally created
in 1534 when
(A) Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon
(B) Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn
(C) Pope Paul III excommunicated Henry VIII
(D) Thomas Cranmer was appointed archbishop of Canterbury
(E) Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy
4. Why did Elizabeth I court the love and personal loyalty of all her subjects?
(A) to make them more likely to vote for her
(B) to guard against the possibility of assassination or a palace coup
(C) to make them forget that she had no right to the throne
(D) to keep them interested in the question of her possible marriage
to a foreign monarch
(E) to gain their support for her anti-Catholic policies
5. Which best sums up Elizabeth I’s main goal as monarch of England?
(A) to shift the balance of power in government from the legislature
to the monarch
(B) to see England become the dominant power in Europe
(C) to expand the British Empire by acquiring colonies overseas
(D) to win a series of religious wars
(E) to rule a peaceful and prosperous kingdom
6. All of the following are among the great literary or artistic achievements
of the English Renaissance EXCEPT
(A) the King James Bible
(B) the plays of William Shakespeare
(C) the portraits of Hans Holbein
(D) the operas of Benjamin Britten
(E) the lyric poems of John Donne
7. Why did King Henry VIII abandon the Church in the 1530s?
(A) so that he could remarry and beget a male heir
(B) for personal reasons of religious faith
(C) because he wanted church services conducted in English
(D) as an act of political defiance against an enemy nation
(E) because most British subjects were anti-Catholic
18 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 European History Questions
8. Which did NOT contribute to the English defeat of the Spanish Armada?
(A) Allies came to the defense of England but not of Spain.
(B) Major storms blew up at sea at an ideal time for the British side.
(C) The British ships were lighter and faster.
(D) The British used superior strategy.
(E) The Spaniards were too far from their sources of supply.
9. The Thirty-Nine Articles, ratified under Elizabeth I in 1563, are best
described as
(A) the civil rights of the British people
(B) the major tenets of the Church of England
(C) provisions of the treaty England made with Spain after the Armada
(D) the English civil and criminal law code
(E) rules for debate and the passage of bills in Parliament
10. Why did Elizabeth I order the execution of her cousin Mary Queen
of Scots in 1587?
(A) Mary provoked the Scots into an all-out war with England.
(B) Mary refused to agree to a dual monarchy of England and Scotland.
(C) Mary was a Catholic in an Anglican realm.
(D) Mary participated in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth.
(E) Mary was the rightful heir to the English throne.
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