Order U.S. Government and Politics Questions

Order U.S. Government and Politics Questions
Order U.S. Government and Politics Questions
1. The modern president is seen as the party leader because
(A) the executive branch has significant power
(B) the president can effectively deliver messages to the public
(C) of the power and influence of the bully pulpit
(D) politics is nationalized
(E) All of the above
2. Government operates through the party system because
(A) that was the Founding Fathers’ intent
(B) parties facilitate collective action
(C) parties give citizens more of a voice in politics
(D) parties allow easier, more fluid negotiation of legislation
(E) the electoral system requires opposition
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3. The Founding Fathers did not agree with political parties or factions
because of such entities’
(A) disorganized nature
(B) undermining of the authority of elected representatives
(C) lack of intellectual discussion of issues
(D) natural tendency toward discord rather than reconciliation
(E) dangerous influence on good government
Order U.S. Government and Politics Questions
4. For most of the twentieth century, political parties were seen as necessary
because they
(A) brought people from across the nation together
(B) helped formulate ideas about government
(C) were essential to the stability of democratic life
(D) organized the legislative and executive branches
(E) created strong political leaders
6. Political scientist David Mayhew discovered that divided government
produced legislative results that were _ of unified
(A) similar to those
(B) better than those
(C) worse than those
(D) different than those
(E) alternative to those
Order U.S. Government and Politics Questions
7. According to David Mayhew, Congress’s performance may be shaped by
(A) public mood
(B) presidential cycles
(C) broader issues
(D) political knowledge
(E) All of the above
Linkages Between Institutions < 87
8. Party politics are currently polarized, which limits the oppottunity for
significant legislation because
(A) they represent a divided government between the president and
(B) politicians are trying to attract the most voters to their side
(C) there is no ideological center
(D) there is a lack of communication between the major parties
(E) the president will tend to veto more bills
9. House and Senate members from the same state and party do not
necessarily have the same political views due to
(A) constituency differences
(B) different responsibilities to the party
(C) varying connections to interest groups
(D) their interactions with the president
(E) their message to the media
10. When a political party comes into the majority after an election, it
(A) tries to energize the electorate
(B) strengthens the ties among branches
(C) loosens the ties among branches
(D) acts as though the voters have issued a mandate for a change in policy
(E) is more unified
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