Order Urinary Diversions Discussion Solution

Order Urinary Diversions Discussion Solution
Order Urinary Diversions Discussion Solution
26. A nurse is assessing a patient and is concerned that
the patient may be experiencing urinary retention.
Which clinical indicators support this conclusion?
Select all that apply.
1,__________ Blood-tinged urine
2 Ambercolored urine
3, Reports of abdominal pressure
4, Lower abdominal distention on
5, Voiding small amounts of urine
at a time
27. A patient has urinary retention and the primary
health-care provider orders a straight catheterization. The draining volume reaches 750 mL without
completely emptying the bladder. What alternative
does the nurse have to help prevent bladder spasms?
1. Remove the catheter and reinsert a retention
2. Continue the complete emptying of the patient’s
3. Release the remaining urine in the bladder slowly
over 20 minutes.
4, Take the catheter out and then recatheterize the
patient in 20 minutes.
os nurse is caring for a patient who has an indwelling
vA ex
Order Urinary Diversions Discussion Solution
urinary catheter. Which nursing actions are important to include in this patient’s plan of care? Select all
that apply.
1,___ ___ Obtain the vital signs routinely.
2,___ ___ Cleanse the perineal area several
times a day.
nn Monitor the tubing for kinks and
4, ___“ ____ Assess the urine for color, cloudiness,
and volume.
5, __________ Attach the drainage collection bag to
the bed railing.
6, Position the drainage bag above the
level of the bladder.
29. A nurse receives an order to initiate continuous
bladder irrigation. Which catheter should the nurse
choose to perform the procedure correctly?
1. Straight catheter
2. Indwelling catheter
3. Triple-lumen catheter
4, Double-lumen catheter
Which of the following is essential to ensure reliable
bedside dipstick testing of urine? Select all that apply.
[qlee see Use the correctireagent.ur
2,_______ Ensure adequate lighting.
3, __________ Ensure that the kit is not past the
expiration date.
4,__________- Avoid delegating the procedure to
another nursing team member.
5, _________ Read the test results one minute after
dipping the test strip in urine.
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