Order Visual And Primary Data Assignment

Order Visual And Primary Data Assignment
Choose three questions from the information sheet that do not have results of 100%. Write a short paragraph or a few statements, highlighting the important aspects of the data. (For example, most students write weekly while only two students write monthly. See Figure 1.) Support the results of each question with a visual. An overview of visuals is available in Chapter 10 on pages 336-367.
Include a combination of charts and tables to depict the results. Select a chart or table that is appropriate for the contents; there are no questions that can use a line graph because there are no trends over time. A minimum/total of three charts and/or tables is required. Refer to the visuals in your report (e.g., In Figure 1, see Figure 3, Table 1 depicts most students are accounting majors). Use statements about the results rather than repeat the question. Include the source (Data Source: Information Sheet – WRIT 3312, Spring 2023) with each visual. A data source differs from a source since you are the one designing the visual from others’ data rather than copying a visual exactly as it appeared in another source.
Use numerals correctly (see below); page A-11 (Section A.3e) in your textbook has additional information.
· Example: Fourteen students reported they write daily. (Note: Write out numerals at the beginning of sentences.)
Order Visual And Primary Data Assignment
· Example: The WRIT 3312 class has 34 students. (Note: You can use numerals rather than words, e.g., 34 rather than thirty-four.)
· Example: A majority of the class (59%) said they will graduate this spring. (Note: Distinguish between majority and plurality; see definition below.)
· Example: A plurality of the class (37%) said they are accounting majors. (Note: Other responses for that question would have to have to be less than 37%.)
Note: A majority is more than half (51% or more). A plurality is the highest number of responses for an item or survey question that is not more than half. For example, there are 10 responses to a question about how many hours of overtime is scheduled: 3 work zero hours overtime, 4 work 1-5 hours overtime, 2 work 6-10 hours overtime, and 1 works more than 10 hours of overtime. Therefore, a plurality (40%) work overtime of 1-5 hours. You cannot have both a plurality and a majority.
This assignment is worth 100 points. Each visual is worth 15 points (total 45 points): appropriate design (3 points), figure number with heading (2 points), data labels (4 points), source of data (2 points), and accuracy (4 points). The writing portion is worth 55 points: introductory paragraph (5 points), statements about results and reference to visuals (25 points), and clarity/grammar/spelling/punctuation (25 points).

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