Order Workbench Mechanical Engineering Assignment

Order Workbench Mechanical Engineering Assignment
1. When a 150 pound uniformly distributed load is applied to the bracket, the factor of safety with regard to stresses must be at least 2.0. The factor of safety can be calculated by dividing the material yield strength by the maximum von Mises stress (Equivalent Stress) in the bracket. The load is applied along the bottom horizontal surface, as shown in Figure1. Note that the total load for the entire structure must equal 150 ๐‘™๐‘๐‘ . In Workbench, the load can be applied as pressure or a force. Be sure your model appropriately makes use of symmetry, and the result of the applied loading in your analysis is consistent with 150 ๐‘™๐‘๐‘  total loads applied to the entire structure. Since your taking advantage of symmetry, the load applied to the half that you model should be 75 ๐‘™๐‘๐‘ .
2. Under the loading outlined in Item 1 above, the vertical direction ( y-direction) deflection for any point on the bottom edge on which the load is applied cannot exceed 0.015โ€. Suppose the model is set up according to the coordinate directions shown in Figure 1, based on the loading. In that case, the deflections along the bottom edge will be in the negative y-direction, so the maximum absolute value of the y-direction deflection for any node along the bottom surface must not exceed 0.015โ€.
Submission Instruction
Submit a document named XXXX-(XXXX)proj1.pdf and an archived copy of your Workbench model for your final design, including the static analysis solution that verified your design. The file should be named XXXX-(XXXX)proj1.wbpz, where โ€œXXXX-(XXXX)โ€ is the first four letters of each group member.
The final report should include the following sections
ยท Brief Introduction
ยท Modeling and Optimization procedures
ยท Results and Discussion
ยท Conclusion
Order Workbench Mechanical Engineering Assignment
You may want to include the following items into the above four sections:
1. Material specified.
2. Volume of material per part in units of in3.
3. Material cost per part.
4. Thickness Dimensions, T, in units of inches.
5. Maximum absolute value of y-direction deflection, in inches, along bottom edge.
6. Maximum von Mises stress, in unites of โ€˜lbs/in2 (or, psi), in the part.
7. Material yield strength, in psi
8. The safety factor with regard to the maximum von Mises stress.
9. A plot of the solid model for your final bracket design.
10. An element plot of your final meshed bracket.
11. A contour plot showing the von Mises stresses throughout your final design. Make sure legend shows indicating stress values in psi.
12. A contour plot showing the vertical direction ( y-direction) deflections. For the deflection plot, the color contours should be related the vertical direction. Make sure the legend shows indicating the y-direction deflection values in inches.
Fonts and Spacing
Fonts should be โ€˜Times New Romanโ€™ 12 points, and 1.5 line spacing is recommended. The final report should not exceed three pages. You may want to attach all details as an appendix to your report.

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