Organizational communication: channels, leadership role in probed

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  
Organizational communication: Communication is essential for any organization to work toward a shared purpose and achieve success. Examples of an organization include a workplace, a community or religious organization, a volunteer organization, or a family. Some components of effective organizational communication include seeking and responding to feedback, establishing consistent channels of communication, conflict resolution, and crisis planning. 
Here is this week’s assignment. Please include boldface questions in your response, to make it easier for readers to follow your organization. Short paragraphs with white space in between also are helpful.
Share either (a) an experience you had in which you took part in resolving an organizational problem or (b) a current problem you are facing in your organization.  
What was the shared purpose of the group, and how could an understanding of this shared purpose help group members work toward a positive outcome? 
Shared purpose may be larger than “solving the problem.” For example, teachers might meet to discuss how to raise students’ standardized test grades. Their shared purpose is educating students and helping them to achieve all they can on tests.
What channels of communication were present in the organization? Were they effective? Why or why not? 
What role did leadership play in effective problem solving and organizational communication? 
What methods did you use or could you now use to improve organizational communication to solve the problem?  

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