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Students will complete a project persuading an audience the importance of  this course ( English: African American Authors from 1900 to present ) .  In this project I expect you to choose works that you feel make a difference,
 works that every American should read and explain to an audience why. 
The works should come from Wiley Blackwell.   Support your arguments with appropriate research.  You may write a long paper – 5 plus pages – produce a video, or put together a PowerPoint.  A PowerPoint should have a minimum of fifteen slides plus the works cited and should be accompanied with “speaker’s notes” or an audio file.This is a major assignment – treat it as such.
I need you to write this assignment out. 
Class: African American Authors from 1900 to present 
I have attached portions of the book to give you and idea about the course and the book. Please use citations from the book. These attachment are all we have read for the course. 
Please ensure the document is complete and citation is proper MLA format. 
Whoever chooses to this please make sure to sure in communication with me through out the project and ask question. Please ensure that it is completed in a timely manner. 

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