Perspectives about the Nursing Profession

PersonalNursing Philosophy
Myperspectives about the Nursing Profession
Since a young child, I have alwaysperceived the nurses as the savior of humanity. I view nurses as agents of Godsent to earth to reduce the suffering caused by diseases and illnesses. Growingup, I have encountered many nurses every time I attended a health facility.Nurses are warm, and I, therefore, perceive them as the companion of the sick. Inmy opinion, nurses are supposed to protect patients from injury by providingthe .
Also, I perceive the nursing professionas a collaborative profession. Nurses cannot be able to deliver the bestquality care without collaboration. Nurses must collaborate with otherhealthcare professionals to optimize the delivery of care (Goldsberry, 2018).Failure to do so compromises the success of healthcare delivery. Therefore,nurses should work closely with patients, clinicians, surgeons, and thepatient’s family for best patient outcomes. Besides, I perceive nurses as thevoice of the voiceless. Nurses play a frontline role in healthcare advocacy.According to me, without nurses, important healthcare policies would remainunderdeveloped. I believe nurses have the best understanding of healthcareneeds.
Mypersonal beliefs about my role as a Nurse
My perception of the nursing professionshapes my personal beliefs about my role as a nurse. I believe that I amsupposed to be a caring and compassionate nurse. I should be able tocommunicate efficiently with patients. This helps me perform diagnosis andoffer treatment to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I believe that I havea role in advocacy. I will play a frontline role in advocating for improvingthe healthcare system.
Myapproach to caring for others
My approach to caring for others ispatient-centered. I primarily focus on the patient needs and ensure that I givethe . My practice is guided by compassion, confidence, andcommitment (Neff

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