PH432 Town Hall Presentation Plan

PH432 Town Hall Presentation Plan
The foundation for a strong, effective, and actionable strategic plan is built on collaborative partnerships with engaged stakeholders. In order to communicate the strategic direction of the plan, as director of the local public health department, you will lead a town hall presentation in order to summarize the priorities, approaches, and outcomes for the audience of collaborative partners—including academicians, health professionals, state health department staff, representatives from affected communities, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations.
Time will not permit you to provide an overview of the entire strategic plan here. Instead, begin with a brief overview of the background and then demonstrate how effective design, implementation, and evaluation strategies will be applied to a leading public health problem in the community. Whereas you concisely presented this information in your assignments in Unit 4; in this assignment, you will have an opportunity to expand upon your previous work and provide more comprehensive discussion. To do this, refer back to the same public health need identified in the Logic Model Development Micro-view assignment in Unit 4.
End your presentation with a call to action to galvanize support and participation to implement the plan.
The numbered assignment instructions outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the assignment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. You may also want to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.
Your presentation should be organized into the first five sections. The final two criteria apply to the entire presentation.
1. Summarize the goals and objectives of the overall strategic plan.
. What are the goals and objectives of the plan? Identify at least two goals and at least two objectives, one for each goal identified. Note: You identified goals and objectives for the overall strategic plan in your Unit 4 Logic Model Development Macro-view assignment.
· Explain the identified priorities resulting from the needs assessment.
. What two priorities, as a result of the comprehensive community health needs assessment, have been identified through consensus? Refer to the Hennepin County Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment (linked in the Resources) to describe the types of data and evidence that would support the priorities identified.
· Identify the primary issue that will be addressed using approaches in the strategic plan.
. What is the primary public health problem that will be addressed? Use the public health need you identified in the Logic Model Development Micro-view assignment in Unit 4.
· Explain the methods, programs, or projects that will be implemented to fulfill the strategic plan.
. What activities and approaches (methods, programs, and projects) will be implemented to bring about the health improvements you envision for the specific public health need identified? There should be one specific activity or approach aligned to each goal you have identified.
· Identify the source(s) of revenue that will be allocated to support the strategic goal.
. Will these dollars be available going forward?
. What other options are available for future funding?
· Develop discrete, specific, and actionable next steps.
. What are two actionable steps that are discrete, specific, and actionable for the audience of the presentation?
· Create a professional presentation suitable for a public forum.
. Use speaker’s notes to capture details of the flow of the meeting.
. Integrate relevant and credible sources of evidence to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style.
· Write in accordance with the academic and professional requirements of the discipline, ensuring appropriate structure, grammar, usage, and style, and proper APA formatting of references.
Additional Requirements
· Written communication: Your presentation should be well structured, concise, persuasive, and should generally be free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
· Format: Use presentation software to create 7 slides, in a readable font, 20-point font minimum (per bullet).
· Citations and references: Include a minimum of 3 current, scholarly and/or authoritative sources that support the presentations’s content. The seventh slide should be a references slide where you list your references according to APA style and formatting guidelines.
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