Physician Charged in Assisted Suicide Case

Discussion Prompt:: Landmark Court Case – Physician Charged in Addresses Chapter 2: and Chapter 3: Working in HealthcareBanner of “The Kevorkian Verdict” including an image of Dr. Kevorkian.Directions: Re-read the on page 34 – Physician charged in Assisted Suicide Case. Review the issues in the case as well as the outcome.
Discussion Questions:
According to the principles discussed in this chapter, was Kevorkian, a physician, behaving in an ethical manner as a ? Explain your answer to include rationale.Select another ethical dilemma (go to page 56) there are 9 bulleted unprofessional acts listed (above the court case) that a medical professional may face.If you were to find out a co-worker was committing any of these acts, how would you respond?List the act and a detailed idea of your actions in this situation.Expectations for all Discussions:Post your initial response on the discussion forum with a minimum of 75 words. Please review the grading rubric for point clarification. (15 points)

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