Pkolino case study analysis entrepreneurship

P’kolino Case Study Analysis/ Entrepreneurship
Case studies are a great way to apply your new knowledge to a real world situation. This week you will read and interpret the P’kolino case study located in your textbook.
•Chapter Seven Case Study: P’kolino (pages 261 – 304)..
•Case Study questions are on page 304..
Write a 2-3 page paper.
Address the following in your paper:
•Does the business plan tell a coherent and compelling story? •If not, what would you change?.
•Does the plan capture all of the learning that Antonio and JB have accumulated? •If not, what would you change?.
•What three questions do you think Antonio and JB need to answer through further planning before they launch the venture? •Give a thorough explanation of each.
•What are the three strongest aspects of the plan? •Give a thorough explanation of each.
•What areas need improvement?.
Provide a summary/concluding paragraph
These are the questions that need to be answered in the paper. Thanks

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