Political continuities in the Roman Empire

The rights of women in to change as time progressed and new ideas were ushered in. as well, but still Rome’s main goals were always militaristic.Statement of Continuity (1)As Rome changed from a republic to an empire, their main goal was still conquering.Supporting Statement (1a)Their militaristic view never changed.Supporting Statement (1b)Nobles’ sons were still required to serve in the military.Statement of Change (2)Women, for a long time, were viewed as children, but slowly gained more freedoms.Supporting Statement (2a)Women could own land.Supporting Statement (2b)Women could marry under jurisdiction of her father and after his death, was completely free.Statement of Change (3) of the Christians.Supporting Statement (3a)Once , Constantine, stopped persecution of Christians and converted to Christianity.Supporting Statement (3b)Constantine’s conversion helped Christianity spread quickly.

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